Questionable XRP crypto transfer: Bitfinex narrowly escapes bloody attack

Tether and Bitfinex are the last to hold ‘old crypto’ after all these collapses. Please don’t fail 2024 and spoil the party for everyone “. This is the comment left by a crypto-NFT investor under Paolo Ardoino’s post when he tweeted about the foiled attack on Bitfinex yesterday. But what really happened with this exchange? Explanations!

An aborted $15 billion XRP hack

The De.Fi company claimed to have identified approximately 2 billion dollars in cryptocurrencies hacked in 2023. Although this figure only represents the half of the amounts stolen in 2022we agree that hackers are not ready to leave the crypto industry alone.

Failed Bitfinex hack attempt

An attacker unsuccessfully attempted to compromise the Bitfinex exchange through certain payment functions of XRP. Whale Alert initially reported a transaction worth almost $15 billion involving 25.6 billion XRP, which was later confirmed to be an attempted attack. Bitfinex blocked the attack, and a similar attack did not affect Binance. »

Based on tweets from Whales Alert and Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether and CTO of Bitfinex, Cointelegraph provided details on the Bitfinex hack attempt occurred on January 14. To achieve his ends, the pirate had to use this type of trick: he had use of XRP partial payment function using a anonymous wallet.

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If successful, the latter could have siphoned off the XRP crypto equivalent of $15 billion. Fortunately, Blockchain Tracking, via its X Whale Alert account, was able to sniff out the feint in time. His tweet reporting a transaction of 25.6 billion

This Whale Alert tweet has been removed.

Someone tried to attack Bitfinex via ‘Partial Payments Exploit’. The attack failed because Bitfinex correctly handled the ‘delivered_amount’ data field », publishes Paolo Ardoino despite the deletion of the initial Whale Alert post.

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