The DWS group wants to buy interests in two German crypto firms

Institutional investor interest in cryptos is steadily rising, despite the bear market. In Germany, this observation is quite striking, because this European country is one of the areas where cryptos are popular, especially among large investors. The companies that operate there also benefit from a reduced tax regime.

A policy to conquer the blockchain market?

The German group DWS wants to take a new step in its operational strategy. Information disclosed last Wednesday by anonymous sources reveal that the asset management company is negotiating to obtain stakes in two German crypto companies.

The news has yet to be confirmed by company executives. We do know, however, that during a recent media release, Stefan Hoops, the boss of DWS, spoke about the group’s crypto strategy.

DWS moves closer to acquiring interests in crypto firms

This would consist, he had indicated, in acquiring “various specific blockchain-related services”. So far, the company seems to have found some assets it is interested in including those of Deutsche Digital Assets, a crypto asset manager. DWS would also like to acquire shares in Tradias, a crypto platform that offers, among other things, crypto lending services.

The level of negotiations with these two companies and the share targeted by DWS have not filtered through. The probability that they succeed remains uncertain for the time being. However, DWS seems to be banking on it to implement a growth plan for its operations.

A DWS strategy to restore its image?

Suspected of greenwashing and tax evasion, DWS was the target of several investigations in Germany and the United States. Conflicts with the law, which led to the search of the premises of the company, in May 2022.

According to several analysts, these crypto asset acquisition projects would aim, if they succeed, to restore the group’s image and credibility. The conclusion of potential deals at the end of the talks remains objectively possible. Indeed, DWS should take advantage of the bear market to make a good deal.

The question remains whether, given its recent setbacks with the law, the company will really be able to benefit from the tolerance shown by the German authorities in the taxation of crypto companies.

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