PixelCars NFT, another surprise for “Babies” fans!

After a sensational entry into the world of Web3 with a free mint, PixelCars NFT goes to the next level. Guess what surprise this young start-up has in store for us next Sunday.

After the PixelCars Babies mint, the burn

On February 5, the PixelCars NFT team promised a free mint for its collection of PixelCars Babies. 2,222 non-fungible tokens made up this first batch. It was a total success for a project freshly landed in Web3.

But barely the mint is over, PixelCars announces another event worthy of his stuff.

Burn imminent at PixelCars


Find details on our next major step here.

1st burn date: February 12, 2023

Time: 6:00 p.m. UTC+1

Quantity: 559

72 hours to burn 1 BABY and claim 1 EVO#1 »

At the end of this first burn, PixelCars promises 1 EVO per Baby burned. Holders can burn as many Babies as they are available. However, it should be noted that the number of EVOs is limited to 559 units.

Also, the PixelCars team pointed out that the contributors of this first NFT burn operation will be able to obtain, at random, 1 unit among the 5 rarities reserved for this purpose.

Stay connected for the future burn: EVO#2 and EVO#3. »

How does burn benefit NFT projects?

In general, an NFT cannot be destroyed, deleted or modified since it is backed by a blockchain. But there is another process that allows it to be taken out of circulation in order to increase its level of authenticity and rarity.

As with cryptocurrencies, burning NFTs involves sending the asset to a wallet that will remain forever inaccessible to anyone. We are talking here about the concept of “digital trash” which is often the joy of Shiba Inu fans.

In the majority of cases, if the promoters of projects like PixelCars NFT were to encourage the burning of thousands of Babies Cars, it is because they will be able to give something more interesting in return.

Here in the announcement, PixelCars clarified that the rewards come in EVO.

Non-detailed review of last weekend’s free mint

As the team used to say, ” First come, first served “. All that remains is to mark the announced date on your calendar. And also note that PixelCars is now on Discord.

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