Ethereum (ETH): September 15, the D-Day of the Merger?

A frank collaboration between Ethereum zkSync and the crypto company Espresso Systems has just seen the light of day. The inclusion of a new “Configurable Asset Privacy” technology helps Ethereum zkSync to improve its network. The traffic on its network of private transactions becomes the very subject of the news of the day. The main objective of this collaboration is to preserve customers and institutions who wish to keep their data private.

Ethereum zkSync offers a denser and more diverse network

For all users of the Ethereum zkSync network, it is now easier and possible to conduct private transactions. This is an additional option available to network users. No more traveling to other networks to transact. The public blockchain offers much better security than previous versions. A few months ago, zkSync was unable to provide its users with services that provide privacy and data security. With the arrival of CAPE, institutions and companies can sleep peacefully. The data will no longer be visible on public blockchains.

This action was only possible for zkSync because of the commitment of Espresso Systems. It’s been about six months since the Espresso company developed and implemented this product, which today arouses interest among everyone. Indeed, most of the companies in the world expressed their mistrust of adopting private blockchains in their procedures. This follows the neutrality and scalability that characterize these blockchains. With the CAPE or Configurable Asset Privacy product, Espresso Systems ensures better confidentiality and scalability of data.

It is not to be forgotten that zkSync is a new product of scaled Ethereum. It does not include an efficient scalability procedure. At this time, the effectiveness of this collaboration remains pending and will soon be approved on the zkSync testnet. Cybersecurity with Ethereum zkSync will experience a major push in the coming days. Beyond this product, Espresso is also rolling out other products whose impact could be perceptible on Ethereum Layer 2.


Ultimately, zkSync users will now be able to conduct private transactions without fear. Thanks to the CAPE technology offered by Espresso Systems, institutions and companies no longer need to worry. Many other services will be rolled out this year. Examples include tokenization, trade finance, identity, and even payments.

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