Would women trust crypto more than men?

The eToro team recently conducted a survey to make a new Retail Investor Beat. In this context, she interviewed around 10,000 retail investors in 13 countries around the world. The findings of this survey are particularly interesting. They indicate that crypto is still attracting interest despite the bear market.

Wider adoption among women

Despite the bear market, crypto gained a bigger share of the financial market last year. It has managed to become one of the favorite asset classes for women. Cointelegraph indicated this through a tweet January 20. The information is taken from the findings of the recent eToro survey. It appears that crypto is the second most held asset class by women, after cash.

According to the survey, the proportion of women holding cryptos has increased from 29% to 34% in a month. Indeed, it was at 29% in the third quarter of 2022. But, in the fourth quarter, it climbed to 34%. The eToro team commented on this significant increase.

Massive adoption among women

According to her, the latter would prove that “crypto succeeds where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed“. It is true that traditional asset classes are failing to attract more women, after several decades of existence.

The number of crypto investors has increased worldwide

Certainly, crypto is driving wider adoption among women. But, it is considered the worst performing asset class of 2022. Still, eToro’s survey indicates that the number of global investors holding crypto increased from 36% to 39%.

She also revealed that older investors have a preference for buying on the downside. In addition, it appears that retail crypto investors between the ages of 35 and 44 rose by 5%. The same was true for retail investors between the ages of 45 and 54, owning cryptos.

The eToro survey shed light on why consumers invest in crypto. 37% of study participants said they were attracted by the possibility of high incomes. 34% of respondents are interested in crypto because they believe in the power of blockchain. In addition, it appears that the proportion of men holding crypto has seen a very small increase of 1%.

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