Will the Silk Road founder get clemency from Biden?

The Ross Ulbricht case is currently at the heart of an intense debate on presidential clemency. The Silk Road founder was sentenced to life imprisonment on 7 counts in May 2015. He is currently serving his sentence in Tucson Federal Prison.

Maine senator invites Joe Biden to consider clemency for Ross Ulbricht

The Presidential Visit to Auburn and the Appeal for Clemency

US President Joe Biden paid a visit to Auburn, Maine on July 28, 2023. This is a historic visit as it marks the first presidential visit in 110 years.

During his speech at Auburn Manufacturing, Biden had highlighted the successes of his economic policy. “Bidenomics helped create more jobs after the pandemic, with lower unemployment and lower inflation”does he have underline.

Maine Republican Senator Eric Brakey took the opportunity to plead for clemency for Ross Ulbricht. Brakey handed over a note to President Bidenurging him to consider the sentence imposed on Ross Ulbricht as cruel and unusual for the creation of a website.

A plea for Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht’s conviction sparks a wave of support for his clemency. A petition addressed to the American president has collected more than 563,000 signatureswith bipartisan support claiming that:

  • his sentence is unjust,
  • he deserves a second chance.

Ulbricht himself sent a moving letter to President Biden in October 2022 pleading for a second chance at life. The Silk Road founder says he could be an asset to the company if granted clemency. This personal letter adds to the Maine senator’s calls for a reassessment of Ross Ulbricht’s sentence.

Certainly, the plea for clemency is gaining strength. But the final decision rests with President Biden. The latter will obviously have a significant impact on the life of Ross Ulbricht. It will also influence the legal system and sentencing for technology-related crimes.

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