Week 27: Cardano (ADA), a high-performance blockchain across the board

The Cardano team has a habit of periodically sharing data on progress of its projects. For the week of July 3, the updates focused on core blockchain technology, smart contracts, wallets, scaling and also education. Big plan !

Cardano, a week 27 wreathed in performance

The attack announced by the SEC against about fifty altcoins of which the ADA is a part has favored the formation black clouds above the crypto-sphere. Luckily there are enthusiasts like ITC Crypto CEO Benjamin Cowen who predicted for this cryptocurrency a positive long-term trajectory.

The Cardano development update for this week is live on Essential Cardano!

Read the report for the latest information on Cardano’s core technology, wallets and services, smart contracts, scaling, governance, Project Catalyst, and education. »

After taking a ride on the aforementioned sitewe have identified the following advances.

Core Technology

During this period, the DB Sync team accelerated in the development and design validation of theConway integration with DB-Sync. At the same time, the UTXO-HD feature branches have been tested and prepared for improved reliability.

Wallets and services

In this part, the team of Lace did an amazing job on cardano-js-sdk. This was obtained by TxBuilder update which should lead to a delegation of funds to any ” stake address “.

This team also made progress in developing the application of the lace browser. We are approaching the release of version V.1.3. Improved responsiveness of Trezor support is part of the development of Cardano.

smart contracts

Regarding smart contracts, the Plutus team focused onimproved BLS support in Plutus TX. Also, the team has set up runtime monitoring for the Marconi Sidechain “. Soon, she plans to make the standalone emulator accessible with a real Cardano node socket client.

It should also be noted that the Marlowe and Plutus teams plan the official launch of Marlowe in Lisbon this week.

Basho scaling

In terms of scaling, the team assigned to theHydra announced major advances in improving the Layer 2 protocol. version 0.11.0 will be out soon.

In addition, the Mithril team has set up a ” new pre-release distribution 2327.0-PRE and initiated testing of the new production signer deployment model with Pioneer SPOs “. She also focused on bug fixeswhich sporadically prevented the last signer record of an SPO from being used in the associated signing epoch “.


The establishment of an initial Minimum Viable Governance (MVG) framework seems to be on the right track. This guarantees the advancement of the participatory governance within the Cardano ecosystem “.


This section saw the submission of more than 300 proposals to Fund10. The Catalyst project will soon see the release of a new version of a mobile application.


Cardano has a dedicated Education team that is currently busy planning the Haskell course. She is the originator of a webinar on Cardano fundamentals for Milken Institute alumni.

Will the ADA collapse soon? Time will tell us. In any case, Cardano is doing well.

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