Trump in Nashville for Bitcoin 2024 Conference: A Decisive Crypto Shift?

Former US President Donald Trump is set to make a grand entrance at Bitcoin 2024, the world’s largest conference dedicated to the queen of cryptocurrencies. The major event, which will be held in Nashville from July 25 to 27, could well mark a turning point in the integration of cryptocurrencies into the heart of American political debate.

Trump in Nashville: Bitcoin at the heart of the US presidential race

Bitcoin 2024 organizers have surprised everyone by announcing Donald Trump as a keynote speaker. The former president will speak at the flagship crypto event in Nashville.

THE turn Trump’s pro-crypto stance continues to grow. In recent months, his statements in favor of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have multiplied.

In a recent speech at Mar-a-Lago, he pledged to support the Bitcoin mining industry if he were to return to the presidency, a stance that has earned him the support of influential figures in the industry, including the Winklevoss brothers, founders of the Gemini exchange.

This strategy of seducing the crypto electorate is becoming more concrete. In May, the Trump campaign took a step forward by accepting donations in cryptocurrency, thus strengthening its legitimacy with this community.

The impact of this approach is reflected in the forecasts: according to the prediction market Polymarket, Trump currently enjoys a 63% probability of victory for the November presidential election, far ahead of the 13% attributed to Biden.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., another presidential candidate, is also expected. In the previous edition, he made an impression by promising to make “inviolable” the right of citizens to hold and use bitcoins.

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A political duel over Bitcoin

Trump’s commitment to Bitcoin contrasts with the Biden administration’s approach. While the current president remains quiet, his Republican rival has made many promises. Trump has notably pledged to protect the self-custody rights of the 50 million American crypto holders.

This convergence of major political figures around Bitcoin could force the Biden administration to clarify its position. The Chamber of Progress, an influential industry group, recently urged the current president to support comprehensive regulation of cryptocurrencies.

In short, the Bitcoin 2024 conference is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in the US presidential campaign. With Trump and other prominent political figures in attendance, the event could reshape the debate over the future of crypto in the US.

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