These altcoins that could reach new heights

The crypto market is currently going through significant turbulence due to a recent incident involving a fake government announcement. More than $218 million in crypto trades were liquidated in just 24 hours following a false claim that spot Bitcoin ETFs had been approved in the United States. This news, originating from a compromised Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) account, affected more than 72,000 traders.

In this volatile environment, some altcoins are attracting attention as they approach new price highs. Taking into account each project’s recent movements and other market data, it would appear that each coin could reach its all-time high once the ETFs are approved.

ScapesMania: A newcomer to the crypto scene

ScapesManiathis new player has already raised over $4,110,000 from equity/retail alone, with fundraising increasing from $57,000 to $127,000 per day.

Currently in pre-sale phase, ScapesMania offers everyone the chance to take advantage of the early bird advantage by acquiring tokens at an impressive 25% discount. Once the presale ends, the price of the final sales stage will be $0.01 per token, higher than the current value of the coin.

The distinctive value of ScapesMania

By examining the tokenomics and characteristics of ScapesMania, it could stand out among altcoins to hold. The new central idea related to the game, eye-catching pre-sale figures, significant buzz on social media and other positive aspects can potentially add value to the token in the long term.

This is why ScapesMania holders are calling on others to join the pre-sale and support this great project so that everyone can reap the benefits.

Join the presale with a discount on the official website

If you are already convinced by everything ScapesMania has to offer, there is a unique opportunity for you: a special offer code, QJL792. Limited offer is only valid for a limited time since the item was published. This is your best chance to get a 10% bonus after entering QJL792 in a special field during checkout.

Aptos (APT): Token Unlock and Market Dynamics

Aptos (APT) is on the threshold of a significant event with the unlocking of over 24 million tokens, worth over $260 million. This unlock, scheduled for the coming week, represents a substantial increase in the circulating supply of Aptos (APT), which currently stands at over 308 million with a market capitalization of approximately $2.8 billion. Recently, Aptos (APT) has experienced fluctuations in its trading value.

The token saw a notable rise in daily volume, reaching over $700 million on January 5. However, the price has faced challenges, with back-to-back losses in recent days.

Optimism (OP): Navigating Market Challenges

Optimism (OP) is currently navigating a difficult market phase, marked by a 30% decline from its all-time high of $4.18 recorded on December 27. The price recently fell below the $4 mark, leading to significant losses in derivatives markets.

This drop is accompanied by a 40% drop in open interest, from $347.9 million to $209 million, indicating a wave of voluntary exits and a bearish market trend.
Optimism’s (OP) recent action has been influenced by dramatic changes in futures trading. A significant liquidation event occurred with $2.45 million worth of LONG Optimism futures liquidated in 24 hours.

Blur (BLUR): Stability after token unlocking

Blur (BLUR) recently underwent a significant token unlock event, with approximately 49.8 million tokens, worth approximately $23.2 million, being released. Despite this, the token has shown resilience, responding positively by adding over 7% in value. Following the token unlock, Blur (BLUR) demonstrated a positive trend in its price movement. It was trading around $0.48, reflecting a 7.5% gain.

This rise also contributed to an advance in its relative strength index (RSI), which, according to the latest data, was slightly above the 50 mark, signaling a weak but discernible uptrend.

Sei (SEI): Bullish return potential

Sei (SEI) has shown resilience in the face of recent market crashes, maintaining its value and now poised for a possible rally. The price of the token was not affected by the drop in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), indicating a strong position in the market. With the 70.5% Fibonacci level now in support at $0.6375, Sei price is in position to potentially rise by 20% and reach the market range at $0.8797, with the possibility of moving higher up to the psychological level of $1.0000.

Sei (SEI) is seeing a bullish outlook, supported by increasing buying pressure and positive on-chain metrics. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is trending north, and the Awesome Oscillator (AO) remains in positive territory, both indicating a strong uptrend.

Sui (SUI): Ready for a breakthrough

Sui (SUI) is currently positioned above an ascending trendline that has already generated up to 130% gains. This positive trend is also supported by a significant increase in the market capitalization of Tether (USDT).

Sui (SUI) shows substantial breakout potential, with a possible 45% upside above current levels. The altcoin could rise towards the resistance level of $1.2622, and in a very bullish scenario, it could even surpass this barrier to reach the psychological level of $1.5000.


In today’s tumultuous environment, several altcoins, including ScapesMania, are attracting attention due to their potential to reach new heights of price. However, it is very important to do your own research before choosing your next possible super winner.

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