Blockchain helps the media: Fox and Polygon launch “Verify” against deepfakes

Fox Corporation partners with the Polygon blockchain and launches “Verify”, a revolutionary open source protocol to authenticate the origin of media content and combat misinformation. Explanations.

Fox and Polygon launch “Verify”, blockchain solution against deepfakes

Fox Corporation, parent company of Fox News, has just lifted the veil on “Verify”, developed in partnership with Polygon. It is an open source protocol built on the Polygon blockchain, specifically designed to establish the origin and history of media content.

Concretely, this innovative tool allows readers and viewers to easily verify the origin of images, videos and information circulating online. Each content remains cryptographically signed on the blockchain, thus guaranteeing its authenticity and integrity over time.

According to Fox, “Verify” also builds a strong bridge between AI platforms and media companies. Just since its launch in beta version on August 23, 2022, 89,000 texts and images have already been recorded, confirming the tremendous potential of this solution.

A strategic alliance against disinformation

Faced with the resurgence of increasingly sophisticated deepfakes, the need for reliable solutions to authenticate media content has never been more pressing.

By making it possible to trace the real origin of content (texts, images and videos), “Verify” positions itself as a formidable weapon in the fight against disinformation. Thanks to the Polygon blockchain, recognized for its immutability, the information archived on the platform is tamper-proof.

This open source protocol paves the way for close collaboration between traditional media and AI platforms, by establishing a technical bridge based on smart contracts. Publishers can thus monetize access to their certified content.

By offering the possibility of easily verifying the authenticity of content, this visionary tool lays the foundations for a media future free of the scourge of disinformation and fake news.

In short, with “Verify”, Fox and Polygon are pioneering and brilliantly exploring the potential of blockchain to restore media integrity and regain public trust in the digital age. A small revolution in perspective!

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