ATOM crypto: Strict measures to limit the risks of liquid staking

The Cosmos network is being upgraded and integrating new features: liquid staking. While evolution is key to the crypto ecosystem, ATOM cannot see itself remaining behind. However, updating means possible problems. And to remedy this, blockchain has found the solution.

In short :

  • Cosmos Hub is upgrading and announcing new features, including liquid staking, which will make users’ experience on the network easier.
  • The new module should boost the presence of crypto in protocols running on Cosmos.
  • The blockchain announces that only 25% of the total amount of ATOM can be staked in cash to mitigate risks.

ATOM integrates liquid staking, an initiative not without risks

Despite a rather complicated summer, the ATOM crypto continues to fight to keep its position on the markets. With a not very convincing analysis at the start of the month, it has a long way to go if it wants to continue an upward trend. But in the meantime, it is not sitting idle, since the Cosmos blockchain now includes liquid staking.

On September 13, the network announced that the update was now complete and it included new features. Although this seems to be good news, governance still wants to warn validators.

Indeed, to avoid all potential risks, ATOM holders will only be able to stake 25% of the total amount of their tokens. As an additional security measure, validators wishing to receive delegations from providers will need to lock a certain amount of assets themselves.

An update that gives a new dimension to the crypto blockchain

The upgrade is a boon for ATOM holders. Previously, they had to allow a period of 21 days to move their funds after withdrawing the token. Now all this is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, this is not the biggest development of the network, since the new module is expected to have a considerable impact on crypto.

Indeed, it should unlock $400 million from ATOM and accelerate its presence in protocols running on Cosmos. In addition, the more the bond rate increases, the more inflation decreases on crypto. Currently, the inflation rate is 14.26% and it is expected to continue to fall to 7%.

However, this is subject to conditions. For this hypothesis to materialize, ATOM’s bond ratio, which is currently at 67.8%, must remain above 66.67%.

The ATOM crypto has had some bad days, but it is on track to continue its uptrend. The native Cosmos asset is trading green, and is far from the red oscillators. However, we are never safe, and takeoff could turn into a disaster.

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