Recover 8,000 BTC: This Bitcoin investor believes in it

James Howells is a Bitcoin investor who accidentally misplaced £164 million when he dumped a hard drive in a landfill. Even today, he hopes to recover his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings despite a decade-long legal battle.

Hoping to get his bitcoins (BTC) back, James Howells prepares to launch legal battle against Newport City

James Howells loses his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings in 2013

Bitcoin Investor James Howells Prepares legal action against Newport City local council. The latter refuses to allow him to search a landfill for his lost bitcoins.

In August 2013, this former computer engineer discovered that he Accidentally threw away 8,000 Bitcoin (BTC) during office cleaning. At current bitcoin prices, that’s worth almost £164 million. More precisely, Howells lost his BTC when his ex-partner, Hafina, dumped the bag containing the hard drive in a landfill in South Wales.

Since then, Howells has been engaged in a bitter fight with Newport City Council. He is desperate to gain access to the landfill site. Unfortunately, his request was systematically rejected by local authorities.

A open letter dated September 4 and written by its legal team demands that the council allow James Howells access to the site. He can therefore start work to find your lost bitcoins by September 18.

The legal battle to recover £164 million

The Bitcoin investor is also preparing for a legal battle aimed at:

  • prevent the council from authorizing further work on the site,
  • claiming damages of $557 million (or approximately £446 million).

This is the highest valuation ever for vanished bitcoins. Howells even seeks to obtain a judicial review of the board’s decision to refuse him access to the landfill.

The Bitcoin investor is willing to bear the costs of the excavation. He even plans to make donations to the local community. Despite this, Newport City Council maintains its position. According to the local council, excavation work is impossible under the environmental permit. To be continued…

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