The Sandbox (SAND) is coming to Binance US

For crypto trading experts, the integration of a currency on Binance is seen as a big event. Because most of the time in such circumstances, a cryptoasset listed by Binance always sees its price increase. On October 5, it was The Sandbox’s turn to enjoy this privilege. SAND fans must be in heaven right now.

Binance US introduces The Sandbox (SAND)

On October 5, Binance announced the official launch trading with The Sandbox on Binance US. Without delay, the world’s most popular exchange has made SAND deposits available for trading SAND/USD and SAND/USDT.

According to Binance, investors will have to wait 24 hours after the announcement before making withdrawals. Indeed, trading will only be operational the next day, October 6th.

The Sandbox (SAND) listed on Binance US

The virtual world, SAND from @TheSandboxGame, is coming to #BinanceUS! The #metaverse Sandbox allows users to create, share and monetize their gaming assets and experiences using #NFTs and #SAND, the platform’s utility token. »

This event could be beneficial for SAND, according to Watcher Guru. Indeed, a price increase is imminent. A prediction that seems fair, since on the day of writing this article, this crypto currency was trading at 0.857 on CoinGecko. However, at the time of the declaration of the listing of The Sandbox on Binance US, its price was trading at only 0.845 dollars. This represents an increase of about 2% in 24 hours.

The Sandbox, a popular French project

Binance and The Sandbox have always had something in common. Didn’t CZ’s crypto exchange award it the best “Launchpad Project” of the year last July?

The Sandbox, Best Launchpad Project of the Year

Moreover, Binance, in his post, did not hesitate to praise the merits of the tricolor startup for The Sandbox and The Sandbox Evolutoin. The two successful projects have been rewarded with around 40million downloads on Google Play and Apple Store.

As a reminder, The Sanbox is a virtual world favorable to the creation, sharing and monetization of the assets and gaming experiences of its users. Thanks to NFT LAND and SAND, the platform’s utility token, they can also afford virtual land, as Carrefour, Atari and others have done.

Enough to disrupt the monopoly of traditional game developers who are slow to migrate to the Play-to-Earn (P2E).

The Sandbox (SAND), an ultra-promising metaverse

It should also be mentioned that The Sandbox does not lack attraction in the eyes of major institutions like HSBC and AXA Hong Kong. If the British multinational bank recently decided to create a virtual rugby stadium in its metaverse, the insurer, meanwhile, wants to establish an innovative space there to interact with its customers.

The popularity of The Sandbox has never ceased to grow, both for individuals and institutions. Now that she has successfully migrated her smart contract on the second layer of Polygon, investors will be able to enjoy better terms for SAND and LAND transactions without having to pay more for gas fees. Is this why Binance has decided to accelerate its integration into its cryptocurrency exchange platform?

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