The Merge Ethereum (ETH): What do bitcoiners think?

The Ethereum Merge was completed yesterday, early in the morning. Many people reacted after it was finalized. The first to appear on Twitter is Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. And then there were the bitcoin maximalists who were quick to praise it or denigrate the Fusion itself.

Vitalik Buterin receives a shower of acclaim for The Merge

Yesterday was an ecstatic Vitalik Buterin that the Twitter community experienced. Because just after the completion of the Fusion, more precisely 17 minutes, he published this message:

And U.S [l’]we finalized!

Happy Merge everyone. This is a great moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helped make this merger a success should feel very proud today. »

A pleasure that was quickly shared with a large number of followers (192K likes) and icons of the cryptosphere (like Mr BIG WHALE, Richard Heart, Charles Hoskinson…), institutions like (Ledger, BONEARMY, etc.) and more.

Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, did not hide his excitement:

Excited about the Merge! One of the coolest examples of sustained, ambitious and technically challenging open source development. Congratulations and good luck to @VitalikButerin and the Ethereum community. »

Same impression at @jchervisnky who also tweeted:

You don’t have to be an Etherean to be excited about Fusion. This is an incredible achievement in the history of open source software and will lay bare the weakness of Web3 skeptics who used environmental trolling to mask their hatred of crypto and now need to turn around. »

Joseph Lubin, the other co-founder of Ethereum also followed Buterin’s lead by tweeting:

Congratulations to the whole community. And a big shout out to the developers, all the customers, researchers, and educators for their dedication to this major milestone. @benjameinion_xyz? @MKALININ2? @ajsutton for educating so many people, researching the Merge spec and building @Teky_ConsenSys. »

The Merge is not unanimous

If there are pro-Merge, anti-Merge also abound in the crypto universe. Among the latter are in particular the initiators of hard forks which will have to give birth to Ethereum PoW.

But alongside them are also Bitcoin maximalists who only have eyes for BTC and stablecoins like Tether.

Alex Gladstein, CSO at Human Rights Foundation, left this comment:

TLDR (“ To long, didn’t read “) on why it is essential that the future currency of the world be Proof-of-Workand no Proof-of-Stake.”

According to CryptoglobePeter McCormack, Dennis Porter, Samson Mow, and John Carvalho are among the personalities who have deprived Buterin of tender words.

Ethereum has officially merged and moved towards PoS, which means it will never be able to go carbon negative. #Bitcoin will reach carbon negative status at the end of 2024. »

Bitcoin’s largest and most divided competitor, Ethereum, has given up competition for hash power and made a full transition to enterprise security today in what the media is calling “The Merge.” ETH prices fell 12% following the news. »

Is this step important for Ethereum?

After the Merger, there will be no further activity of mining of blocks on Ethereum. Blockhain will also become less energy intensive and will leave very little carbon footprint. But there will also be several opportunities for investors. Maybe that’s why Zack Voell and Udi Wertheimer raised their voices against Bitcoin maximalists. Because instead of uttering such nonsense regarding Ethereum, they could have “ talk about something else or say nothing “.

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