Crypto: $16 trillion in tokenized assets by 2030?

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently made it clear that the value of tokenized assets is estimated to be worth $16 trillion by 2030. According to this international strategy consulting firm, blockchain technology represents a business opportunity that should not be overlooked. . Here are the benefits of asset tokenization according to BCG.

Blockchain: A real business opportunity!

For the strategy consulting giant, blockchain technology will be a big business opportunity by 2030. In a recent report, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) stated that the “on-chain tokenization activescan help overcome the challenge of their lack of liquidity.

According to BCG, the global value of tokenized assets on the blockchain will cross the $15 trillion mark within eight years. The firm specifically stated:The total size of illiquid asset tokenization globally would be $16 trillion by 2030.» It should be noted that this value is currently estimated at $310 billion.

That said, the assets illiquid assets consist of land, works of art, commodities and private equity.

BCG said these assets often face undervaluation. They “typically trade at a discount to liquid assets, and are characterized by a high stock-to-flow ratio. »

In addition, trading volumes of illiquid assets are less significant than those of liquid assets. It turns out that the tokenization of assets on the blockchain solves this problem. Such an operation promotes the unlocking of the value of illiquid assets.

BCG explained that “On-chain asset tokenization presents an opportunity to obviate many of the asset illiquidity hurdles.For the strategy consulting giant, the global value of tokenized assets will reach $16 trillion by 2030.

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