Terra (LUNA): Check, but certainly not checkmate!

The adventure experienced by terra last May undermined the ecosystem as a whole. But not the performances recently displayed by its tokens and the projects associated with it testify to a real renaissance. NLUNA, LUNC, USTC, LUNA and others seem to be going to the moon.

Terra ecosystem, surprising performance

Cosmos Daily tweeted news that will make investors happy.

The image associated with this post demonstrates that:

  • Terra (LUNA) was up 201.7%.
  • Mirror Protocol (MIR) shows an increase of 113.3%;
  • Anchor Protocol (ANC) was awarded an 80.2% increase;
  • Astroport Classic (ASTROC) increased by 70.6%;
  • Astroport.fr (ASTRO) strengthened with a rate of 70.1%;
  • TerraClassic USD (USTC) saw its price increase by up to 60.8%;
  • Nexus bLuna (NLUNA) climbed with a rate of 5.4%;
  • Pylon Protocol (MINE) fell 0.1%;
  • PlayNity (PLY) was down 1.6%;
  • And Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) fell to -14.4%;

To say that these figures were taken from the price evolution of these projects in just 24 hours.

The new cryptocurrency phoenix?

Where he is in Singapore, Do Kwon must be thrilled. Would unhappy investors be ready to forgive him after these new performances?

Because now, we only talk about LUNC rally stories. This proves the success of forking suggested by Kwon last June.

Regarding Terra Classic (LUNC), Live Mint spoke of a 62% rise in just 24 hours in early September. Over 7 days, the figures speak of an increase of 145%.

Bitcoin and ether had not experienced such performance at the same time.

This bullish rally is certainly due to LUNC’s V22 network upgrade. But the recent introduction of a 1.2% tax to accelerate the burn of LUNC must also have something to do with it.

In short, everything seems to be working for the best at Terra. Will this restore Do Kwon’s image? In any case, the case of Terra gives hope to enthusiasts in a context of bear market.

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