Teritori: The community hub on Cosmos SDK

Teritori is designed to optimize the experience of individuals, communities and Web3 builders through a hub and a blockchain.

About Teritori

Teritori is a new blockchain, but also a multi-chain hub built in order to allow IBC and non-IBC communities to connect, create groups, exchange services and NFTs, launch new projects and develop existing projects.

IBC: The Cosmos IBC protocol was built to solve one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain systems today: the lack of communication and data sharing between networks.

This multi-chain hub includes dApps for everyday use, such as a multi-chain NFT launchpad and marketplace, as well as social features for individuals and DAOs.

Teritori’s goal

Teritori is intended to facilitate the experience of users, communities and website builders3 through an all-in-one hub of DApps.

  • Gives Web3 users the ability to use decentralized tools without having to rely on their Web2 counterparts.
  • Bringing together all the options to assert an identity, connect with others, develop a project and grow a community.
  • Provide all the necessary tools for a DAO to be able to function and grow.
  • Connecting IBC’s blockchain communities to other networks to ensure a seamless multi-chain experience.

The primary benefit of Web3 members is to focus the knowledge, tools, and effort to build more, faster.

A blockchain on Cosmos SDK

Regarding the blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK, Teritori has its own governance token which is the TORI.

For this, TORI will allow its holders to vote on the strategic orientations of the network. The token will also allow builders to offer the integration of new features or DApps within the Hub after its launch.

Below is a diagram that summarizes the different uses of the token:

Why the Cosmos SDK?

The Cosmos SDK is the most advanced system for building custom, application-specific blockchains. Here are some reasons why you might consider building your decentralized application with the Cosmos SDK:

  • The default consensus engine available in the Cosmos SDK is Tendermint Core (opens in a new window). Tendermint is the most mature (and only) BFT consensus engine out there. It is widely used in the industry and is considered the gold standard consensus engine for building Proof-of-Stake systems.
  • The Cosmos SDK is open-source and designed to make it easy to build blockchains from composable modules. As the ecosystem of open-source Cosmos SDK modules grows, it will become increasingly easy to build complex decentralized platforms.
  • The Cosmos SDK is inspired by capability-based security and builds on years of struggle with blockchain state machines. This makes Cosmos SDK a very safe environment to build blockchains.
  • The Cosmos SDK has been used to create many application-specific blockchains that are already in production.

Introducing the Teritori Governance and Utility Token.


The TORI governance token of the Teritori blockchain offers a way of decentralized coordination allowing token holders to vote on the strategic orientations of the Teritori network. Because of this, Teritori DAO will control the community fund in which blockchain bounties and updates are voted. The DAO also allows participants to submit proposals for integrating and listing new DApps features within the Hub after launch.

This makes it easier for individual users and DAOs to coordinate to innovate and deploy new services to meet customer needs. Otherwise, ” Let’s build together is the key word of the project.

A multi-chain hub

One of the first options that will appear is Teritori’s name service, which will allow users to view a @pseudo.tori on their profile. The user could use their name anywhere on the hub. Other name services will also be integrated over time. There is also the main DApp which is the NFT Marketplace, available on Teritori when it is launched. This DApp will allow creators to list their collections on the same networks as the launchpad and, over time, other functions will be added to provide unique experiences for buyers and holders.

An announced airdrop

A great experiment in the Cosmos ecosystem has been announced. Teritori is about to launch the mainnet and an airdrop. 70 million TORI will be distributed to 4 different groups:

  1. The Atom Holders

Since Teritori enjoys GNØLAND, a snapshot was taken alongside GNØ on May 20, 2022 at 8:00 UTC. The selected addresses will be communicated soon.

  1. Holders of NFT The R!ot

This is the first NFT collection: The R!ot which was introduced on the Teritori network and, of course, holders will be able to benefit from part of the airdrop.

  1. NFT holders on other Cosmos networks

Teritori will also allow holders of other Cosmos NFTs to claim part of the airdrop.

Indeed, part of the airdrop will be reserved for holders of several collections including Orbital Apes on Evmos.

  1. The Game Of Teritori Top 500

Game of Teritori, a game designed by the core team to encourage the community to contribute to the marketing development of the project, so it will reward the 500 most active players.


Teritori’s goal is to provide a single place for individuals and DAOs across all networks. Genesis is the start of a great journey as L1 Chain on the Cosmos network. The token model is intended to seed the Teritori ecosystem and reward key participants.

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