Super Bowl and Joe Biden enigmas: Laser eyes, a hidden sign of support for bitcoin?

SuperBowl LVIII, certainly devoid of crypto advertisements, had its share of surprises in store. Jack Dorsey, sporting a Satoshi Nakamoto t-shirt from BlueSky and Block, captivated attention. Likewise, an image of Joe Biden with laser eyes, broadcast on Twitter just after the final, ignited the crypto sphere.

Super Bowl, Joe Biden and memes: An unexpected ode to Bitcoin?

A innocent tweet or one wink crypto of Joe Biden? Last August, a photo of a mug emblazoned with his photo with red laser eyes sparked questions. Some wonder if the US president has joined the ranks of bitcoin maximalists.

Just as we imagined. »

In the mysteries of the presidential sphere, a post from Joe Biden after the Super Bowl caused a stir, but not for the expected reasons. Sporting a laser eye on a photo shared on his X and Instagram profilesthe President of the United States triggered an avalanche of reactions among Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The legend ” As we imagined » seemed enigmatic, but for many, it evoked an indirect allusion to cryptocurrency, specifies Cointelegraph.

However, the reality was quite different: it was abouta meme known as “Dark Brandon”linked to a fanciful conspiracy theory about the supposed Super Bowl 2024 manipulation. This unexpected use of the meme by Biden’s communications team, aimed at making it more accessible and trendy, has caused confusion among Internet users.

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The reactions were not long in coming: from speculation on the crypto markets to accusations of cultural appropriation, through questions on the ETH/BTC graph. Ultimately, Biden’s foray into the meme universe once again demonstrated the complexity of interactions between politics, popular culture and cryptocurrencies.

Biden, a tireless crypto-skeptic?

While social media buzzes with speculation about Joe Biden’s laser eyes, the reality is far less cryptic. Although the president has not taken a position in favor of bitcoin, a photo posted after the 58e edition of the Super Bowl fueled the rumors. However, according to Stand with Crypto, Biden is categorized as “anti-crypto”with five negative public statements on digital assets.

The phenomenon of laser eyes, symbol of the rise of bitcoinappeared on social media in a campaign to reach $100,000 in 2021.

Meanwhile, at this crypto-free edition of the Super Bowl, Block CEO Jack Dorsey took a more direct route by sporting a T-shirt honoring Satoshi, the genius behind Bitcoin, in a style reminiscent of the famous cover of the Nirvana album Nevermind.

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