Shopping with bitcoin (BTC) in South Africa

Videos that have gone viral show children in South Africa paying for groceries in bitcoins (BTC). This currency issued and managed without any central authority is becoming more and more adopted in the world. According to analysts, the flagship cryptocurrency is more resistant to inflation (even the wildest ones) than all other currencies.

Towards a bright future!

In a tweet from Bitcoin Magazine on August 6, 2022, one can watch a video showing “children in South Africa using bitcoin for shopping“. Two months ago, a similar video caused a lot of talk on the Internet. For then, Internet users had reacted in particular on Reddit. The video showed a schoolboy in South Africa using bitcoin (BTC) to pay for a purchase in a store.

Users reacted by showing their joy and indicating that the bitcoin network is changing lives. For some, it makes it possible to send money halfway around the world quickly and easily, and at low cost. A Reddit user said: “Bitcoin is really showing its value in the lives of those who live in countries that have been cast aside or stolen by global superpowers.“.

A netizen said:It’s going to change their whole country in time and that’s what we want to see, we want to see their progress now, they deserve it.“. Another revealed that in countries like Sweden, cash is becoming less and less accepted in shops.

Bitcoin (BTC) is increasingly adopted in developing countries such as South Africa. Many consider this digital asset to be a currency of the future. The way things are going, cryptos may one day succeed in completely replacing the fiat currencies that are so unstable.

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