Shiba Inu (SHIB): 2 years of existence, many zeros eliminated

The SHIB started with 9 zeros on the day of its launch, the 1er August 2020. 2 years later, there are only 4 zeros left in the indices. It is clear that the whole team does not lack ambition and that it benefits from all the support of the ShibArmy. A one-way ticket to the moon would be the best gift expected by investors?

2e Shiba Inu birthday, on the way to the 1 cent?

Dear Shiba Inu fans, dear Internet users, remember this date: 1er August 2020. Because it is the day of birth of your memecoin favorite, the Shiba Inu. This week was therefore marked by the 2e anniversary of the “Dogekiller”.

In humans, a little 2-year-old can not give the same performance as the Shiba Inu in terms of maturity. Fortunately there is a method which can give us the equivalent of a dog’s human age. For the SHIB, we can go forward about 28 years in manhood.

During those two years, water flowed under Shiba Inu’s bridge. Certainly, the evolution of its price intrigues you.

So know that the SHIB started small, with 9 zeros in August 2020: 0.000000000972241 dollars. At the same time, Ryoshi donated half of the SHIB tokens to Vitalik Buterin, this philanthropist who collected some to help India fight Covid-19. Note, however, that the latter burned about 90% of this beautiful jackpot.

Unfortunately, this action did not help propel the SHIB into the clouds. Three months after he was born, he saw an extra zero. Shiba Inu fans will never forget the month of November 2020 when this one traded with 10 zeros.

Evolution bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb of SHIB price

But the objective go to the moon (and no longer the clouds) would have appeared from January 2021. 6 zeros were indeed deleted until October.

At the time of writing this article, in this 2e Shiba Inu birthday, the 4 zeros are still there. CoinGecko shows the price of the coin at 0.00001201, with a year-on-year growth rate of 93.2%.

Shiba Inu, a bright future?

In any case, this is what the Shiba community hopes. And there is reason to remain hopeful, given the various projects that Shytoshi Kusama had just presented recently.

In his latest shares, the Shiba Inu developer talked about Shibarium, stablecoin SHI, SHIB: The Metaverse, TREAT… And other innovations that will justify that the Shiba Inu is by no means a “ pump & dump “.

To think that some fans currently dare to dream of a 1 cent SHIB. Because their favorite token has just turned 2 years old, and also it has just released Shiba Eternity, a game aimed at users of Android and iOS systems.

The announcement of the Shib CCG game, Shiba Eternity, was made by a team grateful to Ryoshi on Twitter. Note that Shiba Inu had to call on PlaySide Studios (Australia) to be able to develop it.

While waiting for the arrival of Shiba Eternity on the App Store and Google Play Store, let’s come back to this story of the elimination of zeros by the SHIB. Indeed, we can say that few projects manage to achieve such a performance, especially with the idea of ​​a memecoin which simply refers to a joke. Luckily Shiba Inu is a joke quickly turned into something more serious and its 2e year of existence reminds us how it was able to go through a whole host of stages.

Sources: Watcher Guru ; Today NFT News

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