Will NFTs land on Telegram?

Recently, The Open Network (TON) held an auction that brought in $3 million. During the event, TON sold domain names like wallet.ton at 215,250 toncoins and casino.ton at 200,000 toncoins. These impressive results inspired Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, who now dreams of “adding a bit of Web 3.0 in the form of NFT to Telegram”.

NFTs of usernames and links on Telegram!

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov posted on his personal Telegram channel (of 651,000 subscribers) an interesting proposal. Indeed, he proposed that the platform auction off the millions of reserved addresses it has. He claimed “This would create a new platform where holders of usernames could transfer them to interested parties in protected transactions.“. He added that these addresses will be able to benefit from a “secure ownership on the blockchain via NFT-like smart contracts(Non-fungible tokens)”.

Pavel Durov thus wants “add some Web 3.0 to Telegram“. He revealed that his idea was inspired by the sale recently organized by The Open Network (TON). During this event, TON sold 2000 .ton domain names. The sale raised a total of 2,392,002 toncoins. Currently, the price of Toncoin is around $1.30. The sale brought in more than $3 million.

The CEO of Telegram plans to market the platform’s usernames and channel links as NFTs. According to him, if TON could do well in its recent auction, so can Telegram. After all, Telegram has 700 million users and 25 million new accounts have been created in the last 72 hours.

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