Crypto Shiba Inu: Bull run confirmed?  Shibarium explodes the counters!

The L2 was posted two months ago now, and there are no major projects, no good ecosystem or trustworthy exchange. As the main responsible party, should we publish official cooperative ecosystems or exchanges, so that funds can arrive with peace of mind? asked @a_king_li, a ShibArmy member on Twitter. In response, Lucie, Shiba’s marketing strategist, steps up to the plate. Details on his answers!

Shibarium slow to shine?

King, where were you when Lucie and Shytoshi Kusama announced theadvent of Shiba Hub and Shibarium ID ? The first refers to a gateway that will facilitate access to something extraordinary. While the second is similar to an exceptional platform from which the .shib domains and digital identities based on the Shibarium blockchain.

It could be that this big fan of SHIB is aware of this news, but given the delays experienced by Shibariumpatience must be seriously lacking.

Update from LUCIE regarding Shibarium

In her last communication, LUCIE de SHIBA began by presenting some difficulties in the development of Shibarium.

To try out the Shibarium journey is a big task that requires a lot of time and commitment. Our goal is to create exceptional decentralized applications (dApps) that people will love and use. »

She also discussed other token projects orbiting around Shiba Inu that do not lack value. These projects are named SHIB, BONE and LEASH, cryptocurrencies that continue to amaze novice investors, experts and even Americans. Lucie noted that these crypto currencies are sure to attract more users in the future.

Second, we focus on the creation of exceptional dApps that will revolutionize the decentralized world. These applications will be user-friendly, innovative and will meet the needs of our community. By providing interesting and engaging dApps, we aim to improve the overall experience of our users and strengthen the bonds of our community “, she added.

Regarding other Shiba Inu projects, LUCIE mentioned Shiboshi NFTs and Shib The Metaverse. These latter form “ virtual kingdoms [qui] will serve as dynamic hubs for our community to connect, interact and explore “. Their existence will certainly increase the “ sense of belonging and enthusiasm among members of our community », continued Lucie de Shiba.

What about the evolution of the SHIB price?

All this time, the SHIB is struggling to take off. Its price is stabilizing, note BTC News. A quick look at CoinGecko allowed us to learn a lot more about the evolution of this very crypto.

$0.000 007 08 is the price at which SHIB was trading at the time of writing this article. That’s sort of a 3.4% increase for a 24-hour period, but a 2.4% decrease over a week.

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