Crypto: "Buy before it all falls apart!"

In recent years, the US Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars to fight inflation. That has swelled the Fed’s balance sheet to nearly $9 trillion in 2021. But the resort to printing money is jeopardizing the strength of the U.S. dollar going forward, many economists say. Robert Kiyosaki constantly criticizes the American government for this policy, which he says only helps to make the American dollar of the ” counterfeit money “, which will soon come to an end. He recommends investors buy bitcoin (BTC) and some assets to survive the coming crisis.

The dollar will lose value and the bitcoin will gain?

At the end of last week, the American author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, once again criticized the American dollar. According to him, fiat will lose value when the Fed turns around and prints hundreds of billions of dollars. Thus, the savings holders (which he calls false savers) will lose all their money. He predicts that during this time bitcoin (BTC) investors will get richer. For him, bitcoin (BTC) is a safe bet for the future and given current policies. Apart from the flagship crypto, he identified other safe bets.

“People who own gold, silver, and bitcoin (BTC) will get richer when the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and Wall Street pivot and trillions of dollars are printed. Counterfeit money savers will be the biggest losers”has writing Robert Kiyosaki.

R. Kiyosaki’s tweet

In February, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” warned that the Fed and the US Treasury are destroying the dollar. This, because of the decisions they made. To guard against this, he tricked people into buying bitcoin (BTC). For this, he indicated that the fall of cryptos is an opportunity for the general public to embrace Bitcoin technology.

A few months later in September, Robert Kiyosaki predicted the total collapse of the US dollar as early as January 2023.

You should know that the criticisms of Robert Kiyosaki vis-à-vis find their roots further. “It was when President Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Indeed, instead of being tied to real money, like gold, it’s tied to full faith. and to the credit of the United States”did he declare.

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