Ripple invests in a startup specializing in the AI ​​metaverse

There resilience pushes Ripple to place his pawns in the sector of the artificial intelligence metaverse. Thus, Brad Garlinghouse’s company injected funds in Futureverse, a startup supported by a collective of 11 different companies. Zoom !

Ripple participates in fundraising for Futureverse

THE SEC tests, which recently ended in a victory in court, did not shake blockchain transaction giant Ripple. On the contrary, the three years of legal battles gave wings to the company behind XRP. And no one can contradict his unparalleled performance in the crypto universe and in the world of finance in general.

In a recent article, Bloomberg revealed Ripple’s participation in a A-series round table of Futureverse led by 10T Holdings. $54 million were occasionally collected.

As mentioned above, Futureverse is not a classic company. 11 different startupsfrom diverse sectors (blockchain, IA, gaming, metaverse, etc.) make it up.

The Block pointed out that Futureverse intends to ally with Ripple Labs in order tointegrate the XRP token in its ecosystem. We are not unaware that XRP recently surged after Judge Torres ruled on its qualification. In his eyes, the Ripple token is not a “security”.

We are excited to continue supporting the Futureverse vision. While we are only in the early stages of what a project like this, and indeed the broader concept of a metaverse, can achieve, we at Ripple are excited to contribute to the layer of fundamental infrastructure and provide real utility to end users of the open metaverse says Monica Long, president of Ripple.

Investing in the metaverse?

The atypical company formed by Futureverse, which has conquered the hearts of several partners, companies and individuals alike. Among them are Keanu Reeves, FIFA, Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records and Mastercard.

The platform he owns includes a robust suite of proprietary AI content generation tools designed to enhance the music, objects, characters, and animations that make up the metaverse “, specifies Futureverse in a press release.

In any case, the fact that Futureverse is speeding up in the metaverse at a time when companies like Meta (Facebook) are slowing down seems contradictory. However, by connecting with Ripple, one of the hottest companies of the moment, and also by using the appropriate technological solutions and tools, this approach will make it possible to achieve the desired objectives.

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