Revelation on a dubious sale of EVMOS: transparency is essential!

Akash Khosla, the recently deceased co-founder of Evmos, is said to have sold in large quantities of EVMOS to the point of worrying the majority. For the sake of transparency and appeasement, the team behind this project published a Twitter thread including a wealth of details regarding the transaction. Overview !

Akash Khosla wanted to get rid of his assets

A year ago, Evmos unveiled a smart plan allowing users to take full advantage of smart contracts and ETH on the Cosmos ecosystem. The peculiarity of this blockchain, formerly known as Ethermintis that it shows compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Since then, water has flowed under its bridge. The Block talked aboutrecent news, of disturbing genre, within the Evmos ecosystem. The specialized media has indeed spoken of recent token sale by the late Akash Khosla.

Here is the famous Twitter thread published by the team:

The map of transparency is in order at this stage

We know that the deceased co-founder who owns the 34 million wallet tried to sell 500,000 EVMOS on Osmosis. »

At the time of writing, EVMOS had traded at $0.142 per coin. The 500,000 coins would earn him $70,000 if the sale was successful.

It should be noted that Mr. Khosla would hold 34 million EVMOS. which represents approximately $4.7 million. The Block clarified that the transfers of these astronomical assets were spread over four years. In other words, he was not always in possession of all the tokens promised before his death.

A split in the project

Two people are at the origin of Evmos: Federico Kunze Küllmer and Akash Khosla. But following disagreements, the latter would have left the ship with a good fortune in his pocket.

The separation is the result of operational dysfunction and disagreements over responsibility and reliability », specifies the Evmos team.

Wanting to be more reassuring, Jessica Huhnke, Web3 data analyst and engineer at Flipside Crypto, posted this message on Elon Musk’s social network.

Details on Akash Khosla’s latest transfer

The former co-founder of Evmos has sold 144,000 tokens on Osmosis since April 30.

But this represents only 1.51% of the Evmos tokens sold on Osmosis since that date.

Other users have sold over 9.4 million Evmos! »

THE rest of the funds are being recovered, always whispered the team. But we do not know with whom she communicates, since Akash Khosla has just died.

In any case, the fall of FTX has pushed crypto companies to show transparency. Binance, OKX, Bitget and even Coinbase were quick to release data regarding their proof of reserves to reassure their respective customers.

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