REV Mobilities ICO: Decarbonizing mobility and the automotive industry

Electrification is one of the key points to decarbonize the planet and stop global warming. The government has also just announced its support for the development of the retrofit offer with a budget of 20 million euros devoted to investments in this area as part of the France 2030 plan. In this decarbonization campaign, transport electricity is just one piece of a complex puzzle, but the planet needs it to make this transition successful. This is where REV (Retrofuture Electric Vehicles) Mobilities comes in. The company is betting on upcycling and mainly aims at the electrification of mobility via the retrofit technique. The idea is to transform thermal vehicles into electric models for cleaner and more economical mobility.

REV Mobilities: Say yes to cleaner mobility

Climate change forces us to rapidly adopt new solutions and new paradigms. Converting existing thermal vehicles to electric cars has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an inclusive and circular way.

In 2022, Europe had more than 330 million vehicles, which accounted for more than 25% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As the world commits to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, it will not be possible to achieve this goal by simply replacing existing vehicles with new electric ones. To this volume must be added the conversion of existing internal combustion engine vehicles into electric motor models.

This strategy has a name: retrofitting. Thanks to this technology, REV Mobilities is committed to reducing GHGs by 66% for city cars, 61% for vans and utility vehicles and 87% for trucks and buses. In other words, REV Mobilities is the promise of cleaner mobility.

Source: REV Mobilities

Benefit from more economical mobility

Compared to conventional thermal vehicles, buying new electric cars is always much more expensive. Retrofitting is an economical alternative for your transition to e-mobility. Arnaud Pigounides, founder and CEO of REV Mobilities evokes up to 50% savings.

With a city car for example, the retrofit is available from 15,000 euros against 30,000 euros for new. For a bus, communities and conurbations can save up to 310,000 euros by opting for a retrofit from REV Mobilities. In addition to these substantial savings, the retrofit entitles you to the same aid as with the purchase of a new electric vehicle. You can claim up to 16,000 euros in transition bonus.

Source : REV Mobilities

Make your car functional again

With the establishment of ZFEs (Low Emission Zones), almost half of the vehicles in France will no longer be able to circulate. Rather than throwing away vehicles (which risks fueling obsolescence) to buy new ones, retrofitting allows you to make a transition to electric at a low price. Of course, buying new can be useful, especially for municipalities that need to renew their fleet. But the retrofit can also constitute a good part of the electric vehicles.

With the retrofit, you restore functionality to a car that can no longer be driven due to excessive CO2 emissions. With the expertise of REV Mobilities, your car passes into the hands of a team of engineers who design innovative electrical solutions and thus becomes almost eternal. Indeed, they advocate the upgradability of their system (scalability with replacement as the life of the vehicle progresses with new generation batteries), thus fighting against planned obsolescence. You will also, and above all, be able to drive and circulate in complete peace of mind in the face of the many restrictions of the ZFEs.

REV Mobilities: the company’s different offers

In total, the offer of REV Mobilities includes 3 poles.


The pole Retrofuture is dedicated to old cars retrofitted in the laboratories of REV Mobilities. The group offers several ranges of vehicles ranging from small city cars to large cars. Of course, it is also possible to come with your own car to retrofit. The company can support any type of vehicle provided that it is more than 5 years old and that it is in very good condition. The team will transform your combustion engine into an electric motor while maintaining its power. The weight is also maintained to avoid any risk to the chassis.

REV Professional

Branch REV Professional is aimed more at professionals who wish to electrify their fleet of commercial vehicles. The company has a range of solutions suitable for any type of business of any size. REV Mobilities works on small, medium and large volume vans. The pro offer is available even if you plan to retrofit a single vehicle. The group works with a network of trusted partners enabling it to ensure the optimal quality and safety of retrofitted vehicles.

REV Bus & Truck

REV Bus & Truck is the subsidiary dedicated to transport vehicles. For this branch, the group works in partnership with Pepper Motion. This company offers electrification solutions up to 7.5 tonnes. For the electrification of the fleet of municipalities and cities, REV Bus & Truck supports its customers on all levels: electrification of vehicles, design of charging solutions and maintenance. REV Mobilities offers a “full service for emission-free mobility”.

Source : REV Mobilities

Understand the retrofit

What is retrofit?

THE electrical retrofit simply involves removing a heat engine (gasoline or diesel) from any type of vehicle and replacing it with a battery-powered or hydrogen-powered electric motor. The idea is to transform your car into a zero-emission vehicle, pleasant to drive, respecting environmental and economic standards. REV Mobilities also has its own retrofit factory in addition to working with a network of partners (for parts, batteries, etc.) working in this same sector.

What the law says ?

Before 2020, retrofitting was not yet authorized by law in France. Indeed, it was forbidden to transform a vehicle without the agreement of the manufacturer. Arnaud Pigounides therefore created the AIRe association (Association of the Electric Retrofit Industry) with other players in the sector to move the lines. Texts were proposed and approved and then a law was promulgated. Since April 4, 2020, approved and certified companies have been authorized to electrify a thermal vehicle to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants.

Who is the retrofit for?

Retrofitting is aimed at both individuals and professionals, but also at cities and local authorities. Arnaud Pigounides says he receives a lot of requests from:

  • Craftsmen
  • Professionals
  • Agglomeration bus managers
  • Individuals who are increasingly demanding clean and economical mobility
  • Residents of EPZs.

Invest in a promising and future-proof industry via the REV Mobilities ICO

The retrofit sector is a sustainable industry with high growth potential, it is interesting for people looking for an investment idea or wishing to diversify their portfolio. The REV Mobilities team is launching its revenue-based financing token REV this month after having completed a community fundraising of 1.6 million euros in 2021 and a fundraising with Crédit Mutuel Arkéa in 2022 of several million euros.

With the ICO (initial coin offering) which has just been launched, the REV team proposes to use 5% of the proceeds collected to buy back the REV tokens which will be acquired by investors.

Through this ICO, REV Mobilities wishes to complete the long-term capital financing allowing it to set up its production chain and its R&D with more dynamic support, such as this utility token based on its recipes, closer to its progress. constant business. The objective is to share the wealth produced by REV Mobilities with individual investors on a short-term horizon.

The company’s current forecast is EUR 2.8 million for 2023 (i.e. EUR 140,000 of buy-back potential), 36.8 million in 2024 (1.92 million) and 184 million in 2025 (9.2 million).

Rev Mobilities thus wishes to raise 3 million euros within the framework of its ICO starting today.

Conclusion :

The objective of retrofitting is to have a significant ecological and economic impact by converting not only the most polluting vehicles and collections, but also the least polluting and most used. In both cases, REV Mobilities aims to industrialize the sector to accelerate mass conversion. If you want to take part in this beautiful project, go to the REV Mobilites website for more information about the retrofit and the current ICO.

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