Premier League signs exclusive partnership with Sorare

A four-year partnership agreement has just been signed between Sorare and the Premier League. A boon for football fans looking for player cards and rewards that will take part in free tournaments in Sorare’s famous fantasy football game.

Sorare and Premier League, digital cards based on Ethereum

Some believe that the adventure of the English Premier League dates back to 2021. However, the filing of trademarks related to NFTs and the metaverse was only done in June 2022. But as the stakes are enormous, the general management of this sports association has decided to organize discussions with its 20 football clubs with a view to establishing a multi-year agreement with Sorare. They talked about an envelope of 30 million pounds a year last October.

Signing of a multi-year agreement between Sorare and the Premier League

Want to run your own Premier League club?

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On Monday January 30, the Premier League revealed the signing a license four years with Sorare. Thanks to this agreement:

  • Sorare will be able to publish digital cards of players from the 20 clubs in this English football league;
  • Premier League fans will be entitled to buy, sell, collect or even build teams with these NFT cards;
  • they will also be able to compete with their teams in Sorare’s Free-to-Play fantasy football game.

Why this choice ?

The Premier League, which is far ahead of other organizations in terms of viewership, bet on Sorare for many reasons. First, this French unicorn represents about 3 million users spread around the world. Then, it has already collaborated with other sports organizations. Among others, we will mention the Spanish Liga, the German Bundesliga, the MLB (Baseball) and also the NBA (Basketball).

Sorare’s digital cards and innovative online play represent a new way for them to feel closer to the Premier League, whether watching it in the stadium or from around the world. We believe Sorare is the perfect partner for the Premier League and we look forward to working closely with them. “, underlines Richard Masters, CEO of this English league.

Even Emmanuel Macron is seduced by the prowess of Sorare to the point of opening wide the doors of the Élysée to Nicolas Julia.

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