Bitcoin (BTC): Do Kwon deprived of half of his escape fund

Do Kwon is arguably one of the most talked about crypto industry personalities in 2022. Since the implosion of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystemin May, he is constantly at the heart of the sector’s news. From his escape which, according to him, is not one, to his status as a fugitive which he rejects, it is now difficult to know exactly where this affair is. We are nevertheless certain that the founder of Terraform Labs is not that worried. A few days ago, tweeters said they saw him in a mall in South Korea. The individual also regularly tweets about the news.

Do Kwon Says His Crypto Holdings Haven’t Been Frozen

On October 5, the South Korean daily News 1 released information that prosecutors froze $39.66 million belonging to Do Kwon. An amount entered via two exchanges: Kucoin and OkEx. This would include holdings of bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptos. The information quickly made the rounds on social networks and was picked up by several renowned media. It certainly didn’t go down well with Do Kwon, who posted a tweet in which he denies the information. He spoke in particular about fake news and indicated that he does not use Kucoin or OkEx.

Tweet by Do Kwon

“I don’t understand the motivation behind the dissemination of this false information. But for what purpose do we do it? Again, I don’t use Kucoin and OkEx crypto exchanges. I have no time to trade and no funds have been frozen. I don’t know who owns the funds they have frozen, but good for them, I hope they put it to good use”he wrote.

Despite Do Kwon’s words, the local press remains firm on the information it has on the crypto affair. These funds belong to Do Kwon, she insists. They were frozen on September 27 and add to the nearly $27 million freeze he allegedly tried to conceal recently.

The Terra (LUNA) saga whose implosion caused a shock wave in the crypto market is still attracting attention. Do Kwon, rejects reports that his crypto assets have been frozen by South Korean justice.

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