Powerful Women in Crypto: These Pioneers Shaping the Future of Blockchain

More and more women are working in the cryptocurrency sector. This is the conclusion of a study which shows that greater diversity is observed in an industry traditionally reserved for men. They are entrepreneurs, developers, politicians or influencers: zoom on those who are making their place in the world of cryptocurrencies.

An industry historically dominated by men

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have long been a male domain. From young, passionate geeks to investors attracted by the promises of profits from a new economic ecosystem, the profile of crypto players is quite stereotypical. We thus find engineers, developers, but also men from the traditional financial sector. Positions resolutely marked by a very strong male presence.

Increasingly feminine crypto companies

But today, this landscape is redrawing itself. They are developers or business leaders, and are gradually taking over part of the industry. This is what a investigation recent made by Forex. Titled Crypto Diversitythe study takes stock of the diversity of crypto company leaders, based on a panel made up of the main companies active in cryptocurrencies.

It is Chainanalysis, a specialist in on-chain analysis, which is a good student, with almost 50% women in its workforce. board. But it is StarkWare which wins the prize for the greatest number of women on its board of directors. The company working on zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) cryptographic solutions stands out by counting 21 women within its decision-making body.

Ranking the top crypto companies based on their gender diversity.

Still no female CEOs

However, despite these encouraging results, the glass ceiling still seems well anchored. Of the 30 companies in the study, 100% remain managed by men. Proof that there is still room for diversity in a sector which nevertheless likes to display a certain open-mindedness. In this sense, crypto companies do not really distinguish themselves from large traditional financial groups.

France is no exception to the rule, even if it is less and less rare to see women in decision-making positions. This is the case of Stephanie Cabossioras who took over as head of Binance France in 2023. A position that she did not hold for long: after resigning in October 2023, she was accused of conflicts of interest with her former position as an AMF executive.

Other women, less known to the general public, have played a major role in the development of French businesses. This is the case of Vanessa Fara Rabesandrana, co-founder of Ledger, active in the development of several FinTechs. Still, it is in the United States that the greatest diversity is currently observed.

The most influential women in 2023:

  • Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK: As CEO and chief investment officer of ARK, Wood played a major role in the recent bear market. Thanks to its strategic vision, it has managed to guarantee the sustainability of one of the flagship companies in decentralized finance.
  • Tiffany Fong, content creator: She receives his first bitcoins in 2011, as a Christmas present. In 2023, she stood out during the FTX affair when Sam Bankman Fried, the deposed CEO, gave her some revelations by telephone. In particular, the role of FTX in the financing of the American Republican Party. A conversation made public which helped advance the investigation into one of the biggest scandals in recent years.
  • Hester Piece, SEC Commissioner : She expressed her disagreement with the policy of Gary Gensler, the leader ofe there Securities and Exchange Commission about Bitcoin ETFs. For her, the SEC should support the development of crypto-assets, rather than slowing down innovation in the USA with poorly defined regulations. A position that attracts the favor of crypto-enthusiasts.
  • Elizabeth Stark, activist and co-founder of Lightning Labs : Today she manages one of the most important projects to make BTC an everyday currency. A fierce campaigner for digital freedoms for 20 years, she intends to realize Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision: create a peer-to-peer decentralized currency via Lightning Network.
As early as 2017, Elizabeth Stark shared her vision about the Lightning Network.


Although cryptocurrencies still attract the majority of men, the sector is becoming more and more diversified. A situation which is still very far from a true form of parity. Because despite the values ​​of inclusion displayed by the ecosystem, a glass ceiling remains for women’s accession to key positions. Will 2024 be a game changer?

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