The Tron blockchain soon to be adopted in China?

Interest in the Tron blockchain is growing. Recently, Dominica and Saint-Martin adopted the native blockchain crypto, TRX. From now on, the leaders of Tron believe in the capacity of their platform to conquer new territories, even the most hostile ones.

A waking dream for Tron?

“I believe TRX will be accepted in China. Most Chinese are already using it anyway”. This is according to a tweet posted on January 30, by Justin Sun, the Chinese crypto magnate and boss of the Tron blockchain. A bold statementwhen we know the reluctance of the Middle Kingdom and especially the measures put in place by its authorities to prevent the emergence of cryptos other than e-yuan, the CBDC of China.

However, Justin Sun seems convinced. The entrepreneur, proud of his recent successes in Dominica and Saint Martin, believes in the possibility of repeating the feat in five other countries, including China.

Justin Sun believes in it!

Moreover, the adoption of Tron in these countries will be, he underlines, a performance indicator of the blockchain development strategy for 2023. Needless to say that the crypto community does not believe in this ambition.

“I will come back to this tweet on December 31, 2023”, quipped popular Indian YouTuber, Ajay. For him, this is nothing but window dressing.

It should be noted that some Internet users do not rule out the possibility of the occurrence of this event. This, while much of the crypto community remains skeptical. On Twitter, many people have raised the possibility that the Chinese authorities are seduced by the project.

It remains to elucidate the plan designed to achieve this objective. For now, it’s just up to “hard work and dedication”said Justin Sun. Not clear enough when you know the many developments that the crypto market should experience this year.

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