Phishing alert at FTX!  Users receive questionable email

There best thing that can happen to FTX investors is the announcement of the start of reimbursements. While waiting for this providential day, these people must face a whole host of trials. In view of the latest news, platform users have received an official email requesting to reset their password. The thesis of a phishing attack cannot be ruled out.

FTX, a minefield?

Would there be a possibility to see FTX rising from the ashes A day ? Aside from Loomdart and his friends in the FTX 2.0 coalition, the world is skeptical of this revival story.

For the unfortunate victimsonly refunds can heal the gaping wounds left over from the collapse of the crypto exchange last November.

Gold, this new that CoinDesk just shared is likely to escalate matters. According to the crypto media, there is a potential phishing attack in the FTX ecosystem.

Imminent danger for FTX users

Several FTX users received a surprising ‘reset password’ email from FTX’s official support channel on Thursday, raising fears of a phishing attack. Reported by Olivier Knight. »

After a series of checks, CoinDesk concluded that the email in question was sent by “ [email protected] “. It is the same official email address used by the company of Sam Bankman-Fried before his fall and that of the FTT.

Mossab Hussein’s thesis

Strangely, the team at John Ray III remains silent about this annoying situation. His last tweet was on July 14. He talks about the availability of the claims portal for creditors.

Mossab Hussein, co-founder of cybersecurity firm Spidersilk, said two possibilities :

Either FTX sends these emails itself [pour les informer de l’existence du portail de réclamations] and scare people. Or, someone owns ‘a list’ of emails and brute force resets the ids through the portal “.

No matter what’s behind this crypto scam, the success of his business will once again deprive the already bankrupt FTX user of other crypto-assets. Or those to come. Because access to these e-mail addresses opens up a claimant’s accounts on the new portal.

FTX Refund Portal, Back Online

FTX Debtors have launched their online claims portal for the Customer Deadline, which has been set for September 29, 2023, at 4 p.m. (ET). Clients can access the portal at For more information, see our recent press release. »

On the same day, CoinDesk also revealed good news for FTX investors. Indeed, users whose crypto holdings have crumbled with the exchange can now exchange their claims on the Open Exchange (OPNX). Similar claims are said to sell for $0.30 on Claim Markets Right now.

FTX Creditor Claims Portal Finally Open – Source: FTX

This option would allow creditors of FTX and Celsuis to avoid a long waiting time for reimbursement. Might as well complete the required information on the claims portal right now after its tormented reopening. And avoid phishing attacks in the process.

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