Optimism (OP) heading for new all-time highs in 2023?

Optimism, the layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, could reach new all-time highs in 2023. After growing 190% this year, OP may well benefit from this uptrend to make even bigger gains. Pseudonymous trader Smart Contracter also spotted upside potential for Litecoin. Check out his predictions.Optimism (OP) heading for new all-time highs in 2023?

Crypto analyst predicts significant growth for Crypto Optimism

While Bitcoin continues to soar, Altcoins are slow to take off. This situation is reminiscent of the 2021 bull market, where BTC preceded other cryptocurrencies. However, several analysts predict the imminent arrival of a new Bull Run, and current market trends seem to confirm it.

Among traders closely watching Altcoin trends, Smart Contracter (Bluntz) is one of the most influential on Twitter, with over 200,000 followers. This anonymous analyst is particularly interested in two cryptocurrencies, Optimism and Litecoin, which he follows very closely.

In a recent publication, he decIare that Optimism’s layer 2 scaling solution will likely end up reaching all-time highs after breaking weeks of consolidation inside an ascending triangle.

At the time of writing, the price of Optimism (OP) is at $2.64, showing a slight decline of 1.2% in the last 24 hours. Since the start of 2023, the cryptocurrency has experienced a remarkable appreciation of nearly 190%.

Litecoin (LTC) close to a reversal!

Smart Contracter also closely follows the price of Litecoin (LTC). In a statement on Twitter, he admitted missing the opportunity to capitalize on the latest Bitcoin (BTC) rally due to a novice error, where he sold during a period of low volatility.

However, he is now looking to accumulate Litecoin as he believes this altcoin is showing an uptrend. Indeed, according to him, the LTC/BTC trading pair is indicating a reversal signal and a daily low, which makes it an interesting investment opportunity.

‚ÄúI missed this last BTC pulse as I was rocked during the low Easter holiday. [volatilit√©] (rookie mistake). I am now looking to chase alts with good BTC pair setups, and I think LTC is one of them. I think LTC/BTC is very close to a reversal and a daily low.‚ÄĚ

Warning: do not think that Smart Contracter’s analyzes are necessarily correct. And above all, do not do like him without thinking. It is always best to conduct your own research before making an investment decision. Technical analysis is one of the ways that can help inform your decisions.

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