Nostr on the Apple Store: the end of censorship on social networks?

In a world where the censorship of dissenting opinions is increasingly becoming a normal mode of operation, Nostr positions itself as an alternative. This social network operates entirely according to the rules that govern cryptography. Blessed bread for all those for whom freedom of expression is sacred!

A giant leap for open source protocols?

It’s official. The open source Nostr protocol is now available for free download from the Apple Store. The information is available from Wednesday 1er february. Community members have been waiting for a while the start of this application, which aims to dethrone traditional social networks such as Twitter.

Nostr’s popularity rating, which until now has only been used by a small community of users, has exploded in recent weeks. A craze following the enthusiasm it aroused with the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. The latter sees it as an effective alternative to counter ambient censorship on traditional social networks.

With the approval on the Apple Store of Damus, the protocol’s most popular mobile application, the full version of Nostr is now available to the general public. “An important step for open source protocols”, said Jack Dorsey.

Does Nostr herald a new era for freedom of expression?

Nostr is still in its infancy, but its potential is huge. Its decentralized nature, which offers users an open communication procedure, which resists censorship without authorization, is of interest to more than one. A major difference compared to traditional social networks.

Indeed, Nostr offers a level of confidentiality similar to that offered by the Bitcoin blockchain. As with the latter, the platform uses asymmetric encryption to ensure that a message is accessible to the legitimate recipient only. In other words, only the latter can decrypt a received message using a unique private key, similar to a user’s password.

In a context where freedom of expression on social networks has become a major issue for users, Nostr should experience sustained enthusiasm in the coming months. Could this be the end of Twitter and others?

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