Blockchain: an ally of Toyota's growth?

Despite an obvious crisis of confidence, several companies see in the blockchain a significant potential to secure their expansion. More and more of them are relying on this technology to maintain their productivity.

DAO support for better workforce management

The Japanese automotive giant, Toyota, wants to make blockchain the ally of its growth. The Japanese company plans to use this technology to implement management tools for its employees. this explains his decision to sponsor a hackathon. This is scheduled on the Astar Network from February 25 to March 18.

During this period, the participating programmers will develop an intra-company DAO support tool. An application that should allow anyone to form teams. This, even without knowing the peculiarities of Web 3.0. The application will be used to circulate governance tokens and participate in votes.

Blockchain to improve Toyota’s operational performance

The winning devices from this hackathon will enable Toyota to improve the transparency and efficiency of its operations. Their development will be ensured by the Astar Network. The network will provide the necessary technical assistance and a relevant working environment for developers.

An exploratory project for Toyota’s cars of the future?

This project confirms the group’s interest in blockchain technology. In 2020, Toyota notably announced that it was studying the different possibilities that blockchain can offer it to develop the automotive industry.

With this project, Toyota is back in the saddle. Indeed, the company wants, through this initiative, to lay the foundations for its design of the car of the future. An ambition that seems intimately linked to the integration of blockchain technology into these operational mechanisms.

“Toyota is counting on Web 3.0 to support its vision of improving business operations, and this online hackathon is an initial step in that process,” the company said in a statement.

It should be noted that this initiative comes in a context where the blockchain has recorded a resurgence of political interests in recent weeks. The Land of the Rising Sun wants to get rid of the administrative delays that slow down the decision-making process. In November 2022, Japan’s Digital Ministry reported thata CAD will be created to explore blockchain technology.

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