NFT: The Islamic State adopts them to strengthen its propaganda

One of the reasons governments seek to have control over the blockchain is to combat transactions related to illegal activities. From now on, States will have to face a new type of threat, Islamist propaganda NFTs.

A problematic NFT?

US homeland security analysts have noted the existence on the blockchain of an NFT project called IS-NEWS #01. According to information provided by the wall street journal, they believe that this project is potentially dangerous. According to them, it could promote the recruitment and financing of Islamist activities. For former senior intelligence officials, the NFT project would come from a sympathizer of the terrorist cause.

The NFT, which bears the emblem of the Islamic State, was created on an experimental basis to test a new strategy for raising awareness and financing the armed group, the officials continue.

It was only a matter of time for the group to take up NFTs and new financial technologies to circumvent restrictions aimed at blocking its fundraising. This was noted by Yaya Fanusie, a former economic and counterterrorism analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The American authorities specify that the project has not yet been exchanged. They especially regret not being able to remove it from the internet. They also showed concern about the possibility of terrorists exploiting this technology in the financial markets.

The latter already settle a major part of their transactions in cryptos.

“There’s no real way to bring down this NFT”said Mario Cosby, an analyst who operates at blockchain analytics firm TRM Labs.

On social networks, members of the NFT communities have castigated the appearance of this project. In several comments, some recalled the importance for the States to better regulate these areas to avoid this type of situation.

ISIS is misusing NFT technology to finance its activities and continue its online recruitment program. This worries the American authorities. They say they are powerless against this new trick found by the Islamists.

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