🟠 DIRECT NFT Paris: Behind the scenes of a blockchain event

After two editions which grew the community from 800 to 18,000 members, the NFT Paris event will pull out all the stops. For the 2024 edition, the project is equipped with the $NFTPARIS token, a free and non-speculative SoulBound token exclusively intended for its community. Issued in 100 billion units, the token is not intended for speculation. Essentially utilitarian, it aims to boost the loyalty of community members around the event. The launch is scheduled for this Wednesday, October 18, 2023. Get your wallets ready, it will soon rain 100 billion tokens!

NFT Paris 2024: the Web3 event reinvents itself with a dedicated token

NFT Paris is the largest global event dedicated to Web3. It’s an annual meeting that brings together builders, investors, NFT artists and other Web3 experts. The goal ? Discuss and determine the future of the NFT industry.

In anticipation of the 2024 edition, the project intends to launch its own token on October 18. The challenge ? Boost engagement, reinvent the management of your community by creating a holistic community atmosphere.

Indeed, if the first edition saw the participation of a few hundred people, the community expanded very quickly. The 2023 edition received nearly 18,000 visitors. For the next edition, NFT Paris wants to pull out all the stops and become a real field of experimentation.

100 billion $NFTPARIS tokens to be launched by airdrop

Issued on the Polygon blockchain for fast and economical transactions, $NFTPARIS tokens are the opposite of speculative tokens. With a volume of 100 billion units issued, they are completely free, transferable within a certain limit, but not salable.

They are exclusively dedicated to increasing engagement and promoting loyalty. They will help make NFT Paris a more interesting event and stimulate the community to remain active, even after the 2024 meeting. They will be offered by airdrop on October 18, 2023.

$NFTPARIS: a non-speculative token reserved for a restricted audience

To benefit from $NFTPARIS tokens, you must be a member of HORAK, the loyalty program linked to the event. How to join this loyalty program? Simply create NFT Paris ID with your username associated with the event.

When creating your NFT Paris identifier, an algorithm will analyze your wallet. Depending on the diversity of NFTs contained in the wallet, you will obtain a badge and a corresponding allocation of tokens. $NFTPARIS tokens will be distributed to ticket buyers.

Creation of the identifier begins next Friday, October 13 at 6 p.m. While Coinbase and Metamask wallets are recommended, any Polygon-compatible wallets may be eligible. All eligible wallets will receive the tokens by airdrop on October 18.

$NFTPARIS: A free token giving the right to exclusive privileges linked to NFT Paris

As a loyalty token, the $NFTPARIS token will entitle you to various privileges linked to the event. These include discounts on event tickets, upgrades, exclusive products or NFTs issued in limited editions, etc.

The token will also be used to reward participants in previous editions, based on their engagement and their efforts to promote the event on Twitter.

$NFTPARIS: A non-speculative ticket that rewards early birds

The $NFTPARIS token is also intended to promote the early purchase of event tickets through a staggered distribution mechanism. So, the earlier you buy your ticket, the more $NFTPARIS token you will benefit from. Distribution will begin from Friday October 13.

The closer the date of the event, the more the number of tokens offered after purchasing the ticket will decrease. In addition, everyone who recommends the $NFTPARIS token to their contacts will benefit from a 10% bonus on its airdrop.

On the occasion of this announcement, NFT Paris allows you to win 30 $NFTPARIS tokens by joining the page of pre-mint here. Be careful though, the nature of the crypto sphere means that many scams could flourish on social networks around the NFT Paris token. So be vigilant and only take into account information from official NFT Paris accounts: Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

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