Bitcoin up 36%

Bitcoin is up 36% since January 1. The bull run has begun…

Bitcoin – Bull trap or bull run?

A bitcoin was worth 3 cents at the end of 2010. There followed three years of massive increases, raising BTC to $748. That is a multiplication by 2526 in the space of three years.

It will come to a halt in 2014 with a drop of 58%. The price of a bitcoin returned to 320 dollars at the end of 2014.

Starting at $320, its price will rise again for the next three years until it reaches $13,860. That is a multiplication by 43.

New bear market in 2018 with a drop of 73%. It drops to $3,689.

The roller coaster continues in 2019, 2020 and 2021 with a 13-fold increase. BTC reaches $47,900 at the end of 2021.

Rebelote in 2022. BTC falls by 65%. One BTC is worth $16,531 as of December 31.

“Bitcoin performance since 2010 »

The next cycle started in 2023 with already an increase of almost 40% in less than a month. Multiplied by 1.4 therefore.

How many times will the bitcoin price be multiplied this time around? 2X, 3X, 6X?

Yes, performance degrades as the value of bitcoin increases. It’s normal.

It is necessary to inject 10 billion to increase by 1% an asset of 1000 billion whereas it will be enough of only one billion for an asset weighing only 100 billion.

In other words, it is easier to “pump” a shitcoin than bitcoin. Certainly, but in the long term, bitcoin is almost certain to appreciate (network effect), unlike shitcoins.

The upside potential for BTC remains huge. Joining even the capitalization of gold ($10 trillion) promises a 20-fold increase from its current level.

And we are already 219 million bitcoiners!

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