Château EDMUS invents NFT allocations

Saint-Emilion, October 2023 – Château EDMUS continues to innovate. After a successful experience selling NFTs in 2022, the estate of Laurent David, a neo-winemaker keen on innovation, will offer a new concept for the sector: the exclusive distribution of its wine in the form of NFT allocations within the Club EDMUS. The objective: to meet the growing demand for its exceptional rare wines and continue to unite its customers around the EDMUS project.

A new concept in the wine industry: NFT allocations

Since its resumption in 2019, this rare wine from only 1.6 hectares has emerged from the shadows and has been recognized by critics for the quality of its juices, but also for its audacity in Saint Emilionais.
Its PHi vintage has just been ranked by iDealWine in the top 10 “of the most attractive Bordeaux grands crus of the moment”. PHi is often referred to as a UFO. Made from old Cabernet Franc vines grown biodynamically, aged in Beaune egg and without sulphites, the cuvée perfectly transcribes the iconoclastic DNA of EDMUS. From October 12, Château EDMUS wines will only be available to future beneficiaries. The registration list is already open and available at the following address: via the following form

The sale itself of the NFTs will take place on the marketplace from October 12.

A method consisting of purchasing a fixed quantity of bottles each year directly from the producer, the allocation came naturally to Laurent David, owner of Château EDMUS. The new vintage of the Grand Cru is available each year after having spent at least 5 years in the estate’s cellars. Demand now exceeds supply. This is the 2017 vintage of the Grand Cru which will be released on October 12, 2023.

The Château EDMUS allocation system allows each selected amateur to become a member of Club EDMUS and to exclusively acquire the 2017 vintage. Thus, the following year, in September 2024, members of Club EDMUS will also be offered exclusive to the 2018 vintage and so on every year*. Membership cards also come with many exclusive benefits, such as access to the estate, rare vintages, meetings and even the right to vote on various subjects.

The cards of beneficiaries, members of the EDMUS Club, will be digitized and made in NFT, which will guarantee secure storage of wine (offered during the first year), traceability of the movements of each bottle and the facilitated resale of cards or allowances.

Three card categories will be offered:

The Balthazar card: allows you to obtain a maximum allocation of a case of 24 bottles each year with a reduction of 15% on the public price.

The Jeroboam card: allows you to obtain a maximum allocation of a case of 12 bottles each year with a reduction of 10% on the public price.

The Magnum card: allows you to obtain a maximum allocation of a case of 6 bottles each year with a reduction of 5% on the public price.

Give your interpretation of the world of wine

In 2019, after leaving Apple, Laurent DAVID, owner of Château EDMUS, realized his childhood dream: “making wine”. He then took over an estate that had existed since 1730. Vision and experience were at the heart of his concept, which he developed with the teams of Stéphane Derenoncourt, consulting oenologist involved since 2006 in the development of Château EDMUS.

The unique and fundamentally human approach results, among other things, in the production of responsible organic and then biodynamic wines. An approach that is part of the desire to offer a new vision of the wine world, combining tradition, innovation, community and responsibility.

We reinterpret the terroirs of Saint-Emilion boldly, without fear of breaking the codes and with this desire to deconstruct the prejudices surrounding Bordeaux wines”, declares Laurent David.

Technology at the service of the sector

Very quickly, Château EDMUS integrated technology into the heart of its approach, proving that it can coexist with the world of wine. “Tech” is there to support the sector. In May 2022, Château EDMUS is carrying out a first NFT sale with 10 numbered magnums linked to works of art in a limited series.

The auction of this collection via the specialized iDealwine platform exceeded all expectations, even rivaling the prices of the most renowned vintages such as Petrus or Le Pin. While bottles of the Château EDMUS grand cru are usually sold for around sixty euros, magnum n°1 was sold for 5,300 euros, while the average sale price reached 2,608 euros per magnum.

This bold bet to make its wine available exclusively in form is a way for Château EDMUS to choose customers who share the same values ​​and to build an engaged community.

Register now to access NFT EDMUS allocations:

*The Grand Cru of Château EDMUS will also remain available for catering on beautiful selected tables, but also during private sales in limited quantities.

About Château EDMUS

“Boutique Winery” of 1.6 ha in the Saint-Émilion Grand appellation certified biodynamic since 2020. Grape varieties: 50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Merlot. Consulting oenologist: Stéphane Derenoncourt. The wines are aged for 6 years to be offered at perfect maturity, with a cellaring potential of 10 to 15 additional years.

About InterCellar

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