Crypto: Even more sanctions against crypto mixers?

Like several countries around the world, the United States is considering adopting a central bank digital currency (CBDC). A project that has a malicious purpose, according to an American think tank. The organization advises against its use by the public.

No need for CBDC, bitcoin, stablecoins and the dollar are enough!

In the United States, a think tank, Bitcoin Policy Institute, calls on the government to reject central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The think tank suggests authorities look to bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins as alternatives. A reflection that the group published on September 27. It was signed by Texas Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Natalie Smolenski and former Kraken Chief Growth Officer Dan Held.

In their joint statement, officials said CBDCs would deprive the public of privacy and liberty. Moreover, they highlighted the subversive side of CBDCs whose purpose is to penetrate the crypto market in order to prohibit, discourage, encourage or reverse transactions, which makes them tools of censorship. and financial control.

Additionally, they touched on some aspects of CBDCs that could affect the wallets of their holders. These are interest rates that could be negative, penalties for savings, tax increases and confiscation of foreign currency.

“CBDCs would essentially give governments direct access to every transaction that any individual makes in the world. This data could then be made available to the world, as government infrastructure is the target of constant and growing cyberattacks.have they writing. And to add: “the creation of CBDC is simply useless”. This, mentioning that this can hardly happen in the case of the use of bitcoin and altcoins.

According to the American think tank Bitcoin Policy Institute, many of the functions performed by CBDCs can already be solved by a combination of bitcoins, privately issued stablecoins and even the US dollar. Moreover, CBDCs are malicious, they concluded.

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