How to bequeath NFTs in France?

This year, Meta has invested heavily in the crypto industry as well as in the metaverse realm. In May, Mark Zuckerberg’s company spoke highly of blockchain technology. She said it offers a “incredible opportunity” to creators. In fact, in recent months, creators on Instagram have been able to take advantage of the platform’s NFT sharing features. Now Meta is announcing a major update.

Being able to connect your crypto wallet to Facebook and Instagram

Meta recently launched a update of its NFT features on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. This update will mainly benefit users of these social networks based in the United States. It will allow users to connect their crypto wallets to these platforms. It will also allow them to share their NFTs with their friends and subscribers. That said, one should check that their wallet is supported before attempting to connect it.

To connect a crypto wallet to Facebook and Instagram, the user must first be logged into their accounts. Then he has to go to the settings to click on the digital collection option. You must then select the connection option, then enter the requested information. The final step is to click the “sign“. Note that a wallet can only be linked to one Instagram or Facebook account.

Besides, the update brings another feature to Facebook and Instagram social media. Indeed, it gives users the possibility of crossposting now (publishing content on several platforms simultaneously) with their cryptocurrencies. Meta announced that “everyone in the 100 countries where digital collectibles are available on Instagram can now access this feature“.

The social media platform Meta offers a real opportunity for NFT holders with its new update. You should know that from now on, Facebook and Instagram will display additional information about NFTs such as their authors and their native blockchain.

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