A famous TV show now has its own NFTs

NFTs mark their entry into the cosmetics market. Even before the traditional launch of its flagship brand LUNA 4, FOREO is revolutionizing the world of beauty and digital with NFT beauty. A project that wants to connect the new generation to tailor-made beauty treatments!

FOREO launches a new trend before the official release of LUNA 4.

NFT LUNA: Revolutionary Skin Care

With LUNA NFTs, FOREO primarily wants to promote an inclusive and trusted community, which will pave the way for better mental hygiene through the skin. Indeed, LUNA NFTs aim to establish a healthy relationship between skincare, beauty, technology and well-being. Through full transparency in the manufacturing of its products and promoting the benefits of a proper beauty routine, FOREO hopes to reach the world.

Working more particularly for better mental hygiene, FOREO emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the skin and the well-being of each person. With LUNA NFTs (as well as all current and future products), FOREO wants each user to find satisfaction, better acceptance and love for their skin in their products.

Profits donated to good causes

This digital launch also stands out for its generosity. The profits collected will be donated to charities working in the field of mental health and skin diseases. These profits include royalties generated from NFT trading as well as profits from the auction of a special edition NFT.

Customers will have 5 NFTs to choose from, each with 50 different variations. In total, there will therefore be no less than 250 limited edition NFTs. In the creation process, FOREO called on a renowned artist, Miriam, among others. Its mission: to create a truly original concept adapted to this unique event.

Thanks to this door opened by FOREO, NFTs are increasingly entering our daily lives. In the near future, hopefully, they will become more popular across the world.

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