Crypto: The JIMIZZ (JMZ) adventure continues for Jacquie & Michel

When France’s adult entertainment industry leader navigates the cryptosphere, it doesn’t go unnoticed. After a successful ICO during the first quarter of 2022, Jacquie and Michel continue their momentum in cryptocurrencies. Indeed, its token JIMIZZ (JMZ) offers its first introduction on the decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap with the pair BUSD/JMZ at the initial price of 0.01 BUSD for 1 JMZ. It thus puts itself in pole position for a digital revolution in its sector.

Try your luck with JIMIZZ

Cryptos open up new horizons

The adult entertainment industry today is worth billions. Also, it has nothing to envy to competing industries like Hollywood. This sector has always been at the forefront of digital innovation. In history, it is also regularly a vector of new technologies. Whether for online payment, VHS tapes, DVDs, Blurays or even more generally for the Internet.

Also, it’s no surprise to see adult entertainment making its way into Web3. Especially since cryptocurrencies present themselves as the solution to get rid of censorship in the banking sector. In particular via the rules published by payment platforms such as Visa, Paypal or Mastercard.

Blockchain is an innovation that has many advantages for the adult content industry, even more so with cryptos. Several actors understood it like Jacquie & Michel with her token JIMIZ.

The adult entertainment revolution with JIMIZZ

Jacquie & Michel has been a heavyweight in the adult content industry for 20 years. Backed by a network of around thirty websites, the company has two TV channels, two magazines available on newsstands, an online magazine and 14 stores throughout France.

It is a platform aware of the structural difficulties that the porn industry is facing. And more particularly vis-à-vis the banking discrimination encouraged by conservative lobbies.

Thereby, JIMIZ provides an answer to this increasingly preponderant problem in the sector. By this crypto, Jacquie and Michel finance his revolution. The ICO which took place from January 24 to March 06, 2022 is only the first step in its journey. Its purchase offers seduced the public since it was able to collect 2.3 million dollars, thereby exceeding its soft cap.

More concretely, JMZ is a fungible and programmable token. It will make it possible to purchase content on the Jacquie & Michel sites while benefiting from discounts and exclusive content. However, it does not stop there.

Indeed, JMZ represents real added value for all players on Jacquie & Michel’s online platforms, whether content creators, consumers or investors. Everyone is benefiting.

  • Content creators benefit from fairer remuneration because transaction fees are lower than those of banks or other centralized platforms.
  • Consumers can enjoy greater privacy of their data through pseudonymization. The company also offers discounts and exclusive content when shopping on the brand’s websites.
  • Investors meanwhile have a guarantee of transparency due to the blockchain and inject funds into a crypto that is supported by an already existing economy.

JIMIZZ, a token rich in possibilities

JMZ users can take advantage of the Jacquie & Michel ecosystem. The introduction to the decentralized exchange is only an introduction to what the Jacquie et Michel platform offers with its token:

Investors make a deal thanks to Livret X

The Livret X is a smart contract that offers JMZ holders the possibility of earning interest via the staking method. As a result, staking campaigns will be regularly organized to bring more liquidity to the pools. Interest is then paid to the investors to reward them.

In addition, this interest can be used for consumption if some investors do not wish to touch their capital.

Even more exclusivity with Club 69

Club 69 grants premium status to consumers. These are 69 NFTs which offer special advantages to their holders such as a percentage on purchases in JMZ or unlimited access to the network of Jacquie & Michel websites. Moreover, the organization already has 10,000 exclusive videos on its platforms.

A marketplace to buy NFTs

JIMIZZ pushes exclusivity to the extreme thanks to its marketplace. Merchandise from the shoots, such as actress props, videos, autographed magazine covers will be available for purchase.

Customizable maps with K-hard Game

This is a collectible card game. Combining breeding and classic game, it allows consumers to shape their own content by acquiring cards.

In other words, the user obtains the content of his choice by combining a model card and a traditional card. Jacquie & Michel has already established a partnership with the SWANE platform which has more than 5000 models.

Crowdfunding on the menu with Cum-unity

This feature offers content creators the possibility of being funded by the Jacquie & Michel community.

The Holder Assembly for ethical governance

The JIMIZZ allows its holders to take part in the decisions that concern it except those relating to its economy because this would disrupt the stability of the cryptocurrency. For example, this may include choosing a charity to which sales will be allocated.

In addition, JMZ holders can also participate in the editorial line of Jacquie & Michel’s productions, such as the theme of a film or the cover of a magazine.

JIMIZZ is much more than a cryptocurrency, it is also a real revolution that Jacquie and Michel are driving in the adult entertainment industry. In addition, JMZ is a token that is intended to benefit everyone: content creators, consumers or investors. It is the precursor of a new digital era in adult entertainment. You can already take part in this adventure by taking part in the regular quizzes organized on the website of JMZ and thereby attempt to earn BUSD.

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