New Hampshire: 12 Steps to Regulate Crypto

The use of cryptos and blockchain mining will grow more and more in the coming years, and regulators cannot go against this reality. What they can and should do, however, is establish clear and strict measures to regulate these markets. It is in this process that the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission carried out an inventory of the crypto and digital assets industry. The final report has just been published.

New Hampshire could become an attractive jurisdiction for crypto and blockchain investors

New Hampshire: Top Jurisdiction for Crypto Investors

In New Hampshire, a “pro-crypto” bill was passed in July 2022. Still in the same vein, Governor Chris Sununu created a Commission on Crypto and Digital Assets. Its main mission: to make an inventory of this market and to formulate recommendations in order to improve it.

the final report of the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission was unanimously approved in December 2022. The 12 members and signatories thus propose various “proactive and public” measures to make New Hampshire a more attractive jurisdiction for crypto investors.

the document totals 67 pages. Nevertheless, the Commission’s recommendations on crypto and digital assets can be summed up in 12 points. Here are the highlights :

  • Establish a legal status for DAOs;
  • Help the New Hampshire Banking Department provide proactive measures on how banking institutions can manage digital assets.

Closing his January 19 speech, Chris Sununu said: “The Commission expects blockchain technologies to continue to evolve and grow, and to become more integrated into our society and economy”.

In the United States, each state is free to set its own crypto regulations. For its part, New Hampshire has never been against the development of digital assets. However, it reiterates its desire to impose strict regulatory frameworks in order to better protect consumers and investors.

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