May the best win this “Web3 Business World Cup”! At the heart of it are developers, artists and designers developing gaming infrastructure on the channel called MatchBoxDAO. All developers linked to the blockchain world are invited to participate in the tournament. OxMonaco: Battle of Titans whose launch is set for January 29.


A global tournament for Web3

Web3 is so big that it can present some form of ambiguities. However, several players are working to make it as attractive and innovative as possible. Increasingly involved in this dynamism, MatchBoxDAO is launching an unprecedented competition for decentralized Web companies.

MatchBox Arena, a great Web3 games tournament for the Web3

We are finally launching: ‘Matchbox ARENA’

With ‘Battle of Titans’ as the first CTF competition launched on the platform, tomorrow we will officially launch ‘Matchbox Arena’ where players can upload their code. »

In other words, MatchBoxDAO hopes, by organizing this ” world Cup “, crowning the Web3 company which has the ” best technical team “. At the same time, the competitors will have to compete in intelligence in terms of approach. The team that will be able to distinguish itself by its originality and its skills in strategy games will emerge victorious.

Here, the strategies will have to be concocted from coding linked to smart contracts.

The organizers specified that other tournaments will complete the ” Battle of the Titans “. These fall into two categories. The first remains accessible only to the best Web3 teams, and the second to everyone. In any case, participants and spectators will be entitled to unique experiences thanks to video simulations highlighting the originality of the downloaded codes.

Practical information around the tournament

OxMonaco is like a racing car game developed by Paradigm. It is a basic Player-vs-Player (PvP) game that has gained popularity from 2022.

The latest version (beta) of OxMonaco

Participants will be entitled to 3 cars, which will run on codes on cleverly developed smart contracts. Only those who know how to deploy the best strategy, and therefore the best smart contract, will be able to reach the finish line first. Achieving a Y position greater than or equal to 1,000 is a must in OxMonaco.

As for this tournament OxMonaco: Battle of Titans », only the teams of registered Web3 companies will be able to participate. For the moment, participants from large companies such as OxPolygon, Ledger, StakeDAOHO, NestedFi, OpenSea or Chainlink are part of the list. On the OxMonaco site, we have identified 126 notorious Web3 companies.

On the calendar side, note that January 22 is the deadline to join the open bracket during the qualification phase. An opportunity for competitors to qualify for the group stage on January 29. Note that these titan duels will be broadcast on Twitch at 2:00 p.m. UTC.

OxMonaco game demo

Now that the tone is set, both participants and spectators now have their eyes riveted on ” OxMonaco: Battle of Titans “. A tournament that heralds the start of a series of similar events to the delight of Web3 players.

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