Netflix no longer wants advertising on cryptos!

The streaming giant has been struggling lately. Indeed, for several months, the number of Netflix subscribers in the world has been falling. The platform lost 200,000 paying subscribers from January to March 2022, then 970,000 during the second quarter. Netflix has recently decided to reduce its prices to succeed in increasing its income. But, the streaming giant has made a decision about cryptos at the same time.

Netflix imposes new restrictions on cryptos

According a tweet from MoarHodl on September 5, Netflix decided to ban crypto ads. the streaming giant will also impose restrictions on advertising about gambling, politics and drugs.

It must be said that Netflix is ​​not the only platform to ban advertisements on cryptos. Indeed, since 2021, the social network TikTok has done the same. Thus, influencers are not allowed to promote cryptocurrencies on this social media.

In 2018, Meta, the social media giant, and Google also imposed restrictions on the promotion of cryptos. But, the two platforms reversed their decision in 2021, allowing ads on digital assets again.

Soon a cheap subscription level!

Netflix account to propose its services at a lower price to compete with Disney+. From 1er November, a cheap subscription tier will be available in the US, Canada, Australia and Germany.

It is likely that the cheapest rate for Netflix subscription is set at $7. However, nothing is certain yet with regard to this aspect.

Just like Google and Meta did before, Netflix decided to ban cryptocurrency ads. Disappointed, some members of the crypto community no longer want to use the platform. And some think that Netflix will eventually reverse its decision.

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