Stock exchange listings and projects: What future for Metacade?

Hong Kong has recently been in the headlines of the crypto market. Indeed, the government has outlined a plan to let investors trade digital tokens, such as bitcoin and ether. Even as it vies with Singapore to become the world’s leading digital asset hub. Hong Kong received additional help, including more than 20 cryptocurrency companies. These are declaring their intention to establish operations in the city of Hong Kong in response to the crackdown by US regulators.

Meanwhile, analysts are wondering if the upcoming massive crypto investment in Hong Kong could impact token sales. In particular on those of a new cryptocurrency project which arouses interest in 2023: Metacade. Its native token MCADE is due to be listed on exchanges in April and May this year, having already been listed on Uniswap.

What is Metacade?

Metacade has the ambition to revolutionize the blockchain industry by developing the largest Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming arcade, allowing players to generate income while indulging in their passion, gaming. aims to achieve this goal by creating a vibrant community of cryptocurrency players, developers, and fans. To this end, Metacade will cater to a wide range of playstyles. This will increase interest in the platform, creating a wide selection of game titles, and securing player and investor interest.

As technical versions of Metacade are released, the number of users may grow. To use Metacade, all users will need the MCADE token, which grants access to all features and provides unique utility. This utility attracted investors who made MCADE an interesting crypto during its pre-sale event. This has caught the attention of investors and the media in the cryptocurrency market.

THE WhitePaper recently released by Metacade has received positive feedback from cryptocurrency market experts. It presents comprehensive plans for the platform and demonstrates decision-making capabilities that underscore the expertise of the Metacade team. For example, the comprehensive rewards system goes beyond the GameFi standard. Indeed, it provides revenue streams for users outside of the usual P2E mechanism through social contributions to the platform.

The utility level of the MCADE token alone makes it an interesting project. However, the platform’s transition to become a full-fledged Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), scheduled for 2024, will deliver governance rights to token holders. This thus makes MCADE a crypto project to keep an eye on.

How does MCADE work?

MCADE is the primary currency that powers the entire Metacade ecosystem. It aims to boost the entire rewards system and enable transactional exchanges on the platform, such as buying merch or registering for online tournaments. Metacade has limited the token supply to 2 billion.

In addition, MCADE will allow the implementation of a unique Metacade program, the Metagrants. This program encourages developers to apply for cryptocurrency funding to support their projects to design new games exclusively for Metacade. As part of the devolution of governance to tokenholders, those who hold MCADE tokens vote for their favorite proposals, which enter development with the support of a grant from the platform’s centralized funds.

These projects supported by MCADE tokens promote innovation within the Metacade community and can help launch users’ careers through the platform’s job site, but not only. They are also likely to innovate in Web3 development and help Metacade gain a foothold in the booming GameFi sector.

How far can MCADE go?

The MCADE token pre-sale event captured the attention of crypto market media and investors, raising nearly $16.4 million. MCADE was recently listed on the Uniswap exchange at $0.022, which is higher than its pre-beta introductory price of $0.008.

What future for MCADE?

Besides the list of features that will be rolled out by the end of the year that will enable some of the utility held in the MCADE token, the transition to community-led governance could be interesting.

In addition to the listing on Uniswap and the recent partnership with the innovative and experienced platform MetaStudio, the imminent listings of MCADE on Bitmart in April and MEXC in early May will expose the token to a wider audience.

With a platform still in its infancy and encouraging news in the cryptocurrency market, such as Hong Kong’s support for cryptocurrency investment, which aims to position itself as a digital asset hub major, MCADE could stand out. For news on Metacade listing on new cryptocurrency exchanges, keep an eye on the twitter-page from Metacade.

You can find more information about Metacade here.

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