Mysterious stranger accumulates $1.8 billion in bitcoin

A mysterious investor, already holding nearly 40,000 Bitcoin before the ETFs were approved, acquired an additional 2,500 units in recent days. This mysterious whale now owns the equivalent of $1.8 billion in bitcoin, making itself one of the largest crypto holders in the world.

A portfolio that continues to grow

The wallet in question is publicly identifiable on the blockchain thanks to its address, which begins with “1P5”. According to available data, this anonymous wallet already held 39,704 bitcoin at the beginning of October 2021, the equivalent of almost $1.5 billion at the current price.

But its acquisitions have accelerated further in recent weeks. In the last two days alone, no less than 2,500 new bitcoins have been added to this crypto portfolio, for an additional total value of more than 100 million dollars.

In total, it is estimated that this mysterious investor now owns more than 42,000 bitcoin, equivalent to almost $1.8 billion. A colossal sum which makes it one of the most important players on the market, even if its identity remains unknown.

Confidence in bitcoin boosted

This sustained accumulation strategy seems to indicate real confidence in the long-term potential of Bitcoin. Rather than trading in the short term, this anonymous holder clearly focuses on conservation and continues to invest huge sums.

His activity could serve as a positive signal for other crypto investors. It demonstrates that there is strong underlying demand from strategic players, ready to purchase significant volumes despite price volatility.

An identity that arouses curiosity

Of course, the anonymity surrounding this portfolio tickles the curiosity of observers. Some speculate that it could be an institutional investor or an entity linked to a major bank.

But in the absence of official information, these theories remain mere hypotheses. The only certainty is that the discipline shown by this holder suggests that it is a strategic and rationalized player, endowed with significant resources.

Regardless, its methodical accumulation strategy is another sign that Bitcoin is attracting growing interest from the most seasoned investors. As crypto matures, it attracts attention well beyond traditional players.

As signs multiply regarding the institutional adoption of Bitcoin, the sustained activity of this mysterious whale reinforces the legitimacy of the most famous crypto. As the crypto-asset market matures, this type of quiet but influential investor will likely play an increasingly central role.

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