AI: My experience with the AlgosOne Bitcoin trading app

I’ve been trading Bitcoin and forex, on and off, for almost two years now, but life has gotten in the way, and I haven’t paid much attention to it recently. This is why I decided to try AI trading, because it means I can continue to invest, while putting my trading on autopilot, so I don’t have to stay glued to a screen for hours a day.

The algorithmic trading platform I tested is called I chose it because it’s free, licensed, generally has good reviews online, and doesn’t require me to code my own strategies.

According to the website, the AI ​​can learn from its experiences and expanding knowledge base to continually improve its predictive accuracy and generate solid profits for users. AlgosOne claims that it uses the most advanced AI technology advanced of the market, combining large language models, like those used by Chat GPT, and its own machine learning algorithms to achieve a transaction success rate that, over time, can exceed 80%.

In this post, I’ll detail my experiences with the platform over the past couple of months, so you can see how successful the AI ​​is in delivering on its promises.

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Initial setting

Getting started was pretty easy. There was a standard registration form and then I had to provide identity verification as the platform is licensed. Then I just made a deposit and that’s it.

Once funds are deposited, they are automatically locked into a trading contract for 24 months and then used for trading. The algorithm makes all trading decisions, including choosing risk controls, assets, trade sizes, as well as when to buy and sell.

The minimum deposit amount at AlgosOne is $300, but to fund my account I deposited $5K, which put me at trading level three.

My trading level is what decides my annual profit percentage as well as the number, size and type of trades made for me each day. Additionally, the trading level decides the compensation and commission percentages.

The algorithm executes two types of transactions. One type is auto-approved transactions, which don’t require anything on my part. The other type is 1-click transactions. For these, I receive a notification on my phone that contains all the transaction details and an APPROVE button. I have to click the button in the message to confirm the transaction within a specified time. Although this only requires opening a message and clicking once, if I miss the message the transaction is not completed and I miss the profit opportunity.

As part of setting up my account, I also had to choose the 12 hour trading window in which to receive my trade notifications. I was able to easily change this via the dashboard when I went abroad for a few weeks over Christmas, and changed time zones.

algosone ai

Signing up has no subscription or deposit fees, and there are no transaction fees either, but there is a $10 withdrawal fee, and there is a commission fee. The commission amount is a whopping 25% at my trading level but it is only charged on winning trades – nothing is charged if the trade fails. The annual profit percentage, (which is 25% to 35% at my level), already has the commission costs included.

Half of the commission money is used to pay compensation on losing trades and to maintain balance in the AlgosOne Reserve Fund, which provides capital coverage for users. The remainder is used to pay for 24/7 monitoring of the platform by technical and risk management teams and to pay for the live support. AlgosOne’s live chat team promises to always respond within two hours, although in reality, on the two occasions I contacted them, they responded within about 15 minutes.

Daily Experience with AlgosOne AI

Every day, I checked the dashboard to see what transactions had been made overnight through my account, and if they were successful.

I can also check the Reserve Fund balance, my current trading balance as well as my checking account balance.

algosone ia

The checking account is where my profits are sent, and they can be withdrawn at any time. This is also where funds from a trading balance are sent when the contract is released.

algosone ia

I can also see a history of all transactions made by the AI ​​on my behalf.

algosone ia

Of course, every day I still have to approve all my transactions in 1 click within the given time frame, but the rest is done by AlgosOne.

Performance After 30 Days and 60 Days on the AI ​​Platform

After the first 30 days, my AlgosOne trading balance saw a 20% profit, after commissions were deducted. The second month saw a profit of 24%. There have been a lot of failed trades over the past couple of months, but there have been some big wins too.

AlgosOne claims that, on average, the algorithm has a transaction success rate of over 80% although it takes time for individual accounts to reach this as the AI ​​learns from each new activity and interaction to improve its predictive capabilities.

Although AI’s performance over the past two months is no guarantee of future profits, AlgosOne has so far delivered on its promises.

To date, I have withdrawn profits twice without delays, additional costs or other difficulties.

Notable Benefits

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using the AlgosOne platform:

  • I didn’t have to think, research, plan, code or strategize – AlgosOne takes care of everything from minute one
  • The AI ​​algorithm is pretty consistent – ​​it may have a few bad trades but losses are capped and it continues to improve
  • There are no hidden costs or transaction fees slowly eating away at my capital – what I deposited is entirely for trading
  • The company is legitimate – it is licensed and registered and there is a reserve fund so I feel my savings are safe
  • AlgosOne doesn’t just trade Bitcoin and Solana – it also trades a bunch of other asset types, so it’s not dependent on the conditions of a single market
  • There is help when you need it – I wanted to change my account currency and was assisted by a real person who was pleasant and knew what they were talking about

Some Disadvantages

The drawbacks are quite minor but there is still work to be done, as there are a few aspects that could still be improved.

  • While I appreciate the minimal effort required by AI, I would have liked the option to increase my risk/reward ratio, placing a larger percentage of my balance and earning more when the opportunity presents itself. But, with AlgosOne, there is no way to adjust trading strategies, increase the size of a trade, or change risk settings
  • My preference is for investing in cryptocurrencies, but the AI ​​spreads trading across stocks, commodities, indices, bonds, forex, as well as crypto for diversification, and all types of assets do not offer the same opportunities for significant gains.
  • While AI lets you choose the specific 12-hour window to receive transaction approval notifications, it’s still less than ideal having to monitor my messages and have my phone within reach for most of my waking hours.

My Verdict on AlgosOne AI-Driven Platform

Keeping in mind that the platform only launched in fall 2023, it is off to a flying start with fully automatic, high-tech AI that has a lot to offer. My personal experience with AlgosOne has been really positive and very relaxing.

Without the need for me to do any data collection, technical analysis, or actual trading, AlgosOne’s machine learning robot has provided me with a steady return with compounding, and there is no no warning signs so far. The support team was responsive, withdrawals were quick and smooth, and profits were consistent.

Overall, I think non-professionals like me and more experienced traders, who might want to try AI, will find AlgosOne well worth their time.

L’registration can be done via the app or website and the 14-day trial option means you have plenty of time to see if the platform meets your needs without any commitment.

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