Metaverse: Professionals seduced by virtual workspaces

Professionals are seduced by the idea of ​​a virtual workspace in the metaverse, which seems to have enormous potential. Tools based on this technology can increase productivity by optimizing collaboration in new digital environments. These are the conclusions of a recent study conducted by Ciena, an American software supplier.

Metaverse: a virtual workspace to improve productivity

The health crisis has upset the way of working by almost generalizing teleworking to ensure the continuity of activities. The hybrid formula then imposed itself in the post-pandemic era. Faced with this new reality, experts have already heralded the metaverse as the future of remote work. Something that professionals seem to confirm, if we are to believe the conclusions of a recent study carried out by the company Ciena.

The survey was conducted among 15,000 employees and managers. 60% of them would be in favor of implementing a virtual workspace. Among those who are open to this inclusion, half believe that workplaces of the metaverse could further facilitate collaborations. In addition, the metaverse can help improve productivity, as the virtual workspace allows you to evolve in a digital environment without distraction.

A technology with great potential

Professionals in favor of virtual workspaces in the metaverse.

Using a virtual workspace has many benefits. Already, the use of this technology makes it possible to better redefine work for the post-pandemic era if necessary. The metaverse also allows for better interaction in a hybrid context, increasing productivity. Virtualize the workspace also allows companies to save money by reducing the rental/purchase of space budget. And all these advantages can benefit other sectors, including education.

Nearly 63% of people questioned in the survey Ciena are of this opinion. Others perceive the metaverse as a stimulus for socialization. For still others, metaverse remains synonymous with gaming. Despite this rather optimistic view, people remain aware of the limitations of the technology such as the difficulty of implementation. However, they are convinced of one thing: the metaverse will disrupt the world of work in the near future.

There are several advantages to working in the metaverse. These virtual workspaces offer flexibility, creativity, and productivity, although there are downsides. The metaverse is also scalable and customizable. the workplace virtual is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we work.

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