Crypto: After his last breakdown, a researcher sinks Solana (SOL)

Last weekend, the Solana (SOL) crypto platform experienced an outage that hampered smooth operations for more than six hours. A misconfigured node would have been the root of the problem. This is the eighth major outage experienced by the platform. If everything is now back to normal, the criticisms on the network are becoming more and more audible.

Solana (SOL), a dangerous crypto platform?

justin bon is the founder and CIO of Cyber ​​Capital, a company specializing in blockchain security. He also defines himself as a researcher in the field of digital assets. In a thread posted on Twitter on October 3, he states that the persistence of outages on Solana (SOL) is the result of poor design. This endangers network users, he adds, before hammering that Solana (SOL) is a faulty blockchain.

Bons also believes that blockchain type proof-of-history (PoH) is not innovative and its design is only intended to attract short-term investors.

Solana has been marred by controversy since its inception. With frequent downtime, failures, hacks and scandals! I have drawn up a brief and incomplete history of the structures of SOL.

Several lies

“Instead of fixing this, Solana doubled down on its poor security assumptions by taking even more dangerous design shortcuts. One of these shortcuts, is that the blockchain has (…) launched Solana phones, an innovation that the blockchain industry does not need at the moment. On top of that, the network is steeped in several lies. These include lies about its circulating supply, misrepresentation of transactions per second (TPS), and deceptive design to inflate usage”wrote the founder of Cyber ​​Capital.

For Bons, the reputation of Solana (SOL) is tarnished every time there is a technical problem on the network. He compared it to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which never fail, before concluding that the latter two are more trustworthy.

After the resounding criticism of Charles Hoskinson last week, it is a blockchain security expert who attacks the Solana (SOL) platform. According to Justin Bons, Solana (SOL) does not deserve the support of the crypto ecosystem because of its failures, which hide “a serious danger” for users. He urged investors to beware of this blockchain.

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